Clinical Management Software

Clinical Management Software

Simplify clinical management with a single platform. MasterControl allows you to connect all clinical data, documents, tasks and processes.

Managing clinical research is expensive and time consuming. And there’s never been an efficient way to unify the volumes of information you must handle throughout a clinical trial. Until now. MasterControl’s holistic clinical software eases the traditional burdens involved in clinical research. The comprehensive solution is designed to increase efficiency and the reuse of information. It’s the ideal platform for streamlining clinical operations and quality teams’ processes and tasks.

MasterControl Clinical Excellence™ Solution Overview

Clinical efficiency is within reach. A single platform changes everything.


Complete eTMF Management


Our clinical management software is based on the industry standard TMF Reference Model. This foundation lets you plan, assign, create, review and approve TMF artifacts more efficiently. With our best-practice eTMF configuration, clinical experts have the optimal model to guide them from study initiation to study closeout.


Comprehensive GCP Management


Documents. Audits. Training. Vendors. They all need to be effectively managed in order to follow good clinical practice (GCP) guidelines. MasterControl consolidates and streamlines every aspect of GCP compliance. It fully supports audits of all clinical programs, studies, vendors, sites and quality events to give your organization complete GCP visibility.


Optimized Site Oversight


Managing site information for multiple clinical studies from a variety of sites is always a complex challenge. MasterControl allows you to readily connect, search and report on each clinical site’s information. Everything from site documentation, audit histories and monitoring visits can be linked and stored in the system.


Automated Project Management


It’s overwhelming to manage all the documents, tasks and processes involved in a clinical trial. But with MasterControl’s project management features, a clinical project lead's hassles disappear. The system provides automated task reminders, milestones and updates. These efficiencies continue through the execution and promotion of tasks throughout the various life cycles.

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Clinical and Quality Alignment

Each contract research organization (CRO), site and vendor has unique processes. But when it comes to quality, everybody needs to be on the same page. MasterControl unifies clinical operations and quality event management across all research activities. Plus, the system ensures that clinical and quality data from all sources always stays connected and audit ready.


The Cornerstone of TMF Practicality

Since our software is based on the TMF Reference Model, you can be assured of maximum efficiency and a centralized storehouse for all required TMF documents. The system allows you to view all TMF activities in real time. Download the complimentary TMF checklist template to see how the MasterControl configuration streamlines the collection and management of TMF documents.

Centralizing clinical processes has never been easier.

Streamline your trials with an integrated approach to clinical data management.

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