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MasterControl Kofax Export Connector


New Release Script Connects MasterControl with Kofax Technology

Recognizing that companies doing business in regulatory environments are drowning in a sea of paper, MasterControl has developed an interface with Kofax, the world’s largest vendor of information capture solutions. Now MasterControl users can automatically upload and store scanned documents into the centralized MasterControl system. Documents can be digitally captured and directly routed to appropriate archives within MasterControl’s secure environment, which saves time and effort, especially in organizing, searching, and tracking documents. The release script allows MasterControl users to capture legacy documents—paper or electronic—relatively quickly using the interface and enables all departments to keep pace with the daily accumulation of documents that need to be scanned. For more information about the MasterControl Kofax Export Connector, download the product data sheet below.

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About MasterControl
Hundreds of companies worldwide depend on MasterControl Inc. to provide dependable and efficient GxP process management and document control solutions. MasterControl’s solutions facilitate compliance with FDA regulations, ISO quality standards, and Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) requirements. The Kofax interface offered by MasterControl has been specifically designed to streamline document management and control and to help companies attain and maintain compliance.

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Additional product data sheets are available at the Resource Center, as are other complimentary research and educational materials, including case studies, white papers, and online demonstrations.