Training Software Systems

Training software systems help companies to manage training tasks and related compliance requirements for less by automating and streamlining training processes from start to finish.

MasterControl's training software is a learning management system (LMS ) designed to help you integrate quality into your daily operations and facilitate compliance. The training system provides tools to help prevent quality problems and to show regulators that your quality standards and policies work. FDA rules, ISO standards, and other international regulations require training as an integral part of quality, so it's crucial for you to choose the right training software.

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How can MasterControl Training Software Benefit You?

MasterControl Training is a robust, easy-to-use solution designed to effectively manage the training process and integrate it with other processes critical to regulatory compliance, such as CAPA, change control, audit, and customer complaints. Here's how MasterControl Training software addresses some of the major challenges that companies face in implementing training control.

Training Control Challenges

MasterControl Training Software


In regulated environments, employees whose jobs directly affect product quality must be trained on relevant SOPs, policies, and other critical documents. A paper-based system requires distribution of training materials, tasks, reminders, and exams in person or via phone or email. It requires a lot of time and effort, Without vigilance, tasks can fall through the cracks.

Increased Efficiency

MasterControl Training greatly increases efficiency by automating management of all training tasks, from routing to follow-up and escalation. This training system offers the capability to provide online exams, group sign off for companies that train large groups, and automatic sequencing of training tasks for progressive training.

Disparate Systems

Any substantial change to an important document typically requires retraining on the updated document. When the document revision and training systems are disparate, employees could miss training tasks and continue to perform their jobs based on outdated information.

Connected Processes

MasterControl connects training with document revision and all other quality processes for a holistic approach to quality management and compliance.

Unnecessary Administrative Burden

Training coordinators spend most of their time in routing, follow up, escalation, and tracking of training tasks. They spend equal amount of energy in testing, verifying results, and tracking completion of training tasks.

Reduced Administrative Burden

MasterControl's training software automates routine tasks so training coordinators can focus on the quality of the curriculum and effectiveness of the training.

Lack of Oversight

needs what training when; how many users passed or failed; and how many have completed training. You have to compile voluminous records and enter data in spreadsheets to find out.

Increased Oversight

MasterControl's Job Code Matrix displays an up-to-date view of the training status of employees who have been grouped by Job Code. The training system's advanced analytics and reporting capability will help you track and address training gaps and deficiencies.

Unprepared for Audits

Most auditors scrutinize training records. Under a manual system, tracking and preparing each employee's training file require enormous effort. Paper records can be easily misplaced, creating issues during audit.

Increased Audit Preparedness

MasterControl Training provides a centralized, web-based repository for all training documents, so users and auditors will find all the documents they need in one place, greatly increasing your audit readiness.

Inefficient Competency Assessment

It's not enough to train employees; you want to make sure they understand the material to do their jobs properly. It's easy to neglect testing under a manual system because everything takes more effort.

Efficient Competency Assessment

MasterControl's user-friendly features facilitate testing and ensure greater user acceptance. They include the capability to add pictures to exams to help explain complex questions and save an exam if the trainee is interrupted.

MasterControl Training Software: Top 10 Features

  1. Automated Training Control and Management: Automate all routine activities, from distribution of tasks, materials, and exams to follow-up, tracking, escalation, and verification. With automatic revision control, only one authorized user at a time can revise a particular training material. Trainers and course managers can rest assured that there are not multiple versions of a course being acted upon.

  2. Training Folder: Each trainee has a personalized virtual folder that shows the person's past training, course due dates, and future training. Trainees can get a quick overview of their required curriculum as well as sign-up for elective courses.

  3. Multiple Training Types: Create a multi-format curricula including controlled document review, computer-based training, on-the-job training, assessments, as well as instructor-led training.

  4. Job Code Matrix: This will give you an up-to-date view of the training status of employees who have been grouped by Job Code. At a glance, you will see the status of each course assigned to each employee and the completion percentage for that Job Code.

  5. Online Exams: Automate testing, grading, and documentation of each user's training history. The following user-friendly features facilitate testing and ensure greater user acceptance.

  6. Add Pictures: MasterControl has the capability to add multimedia materials, such as pictures and videos, for a more compelling testing. This is crucial for complex topics that are best described visually.

  7. Save Exams: Trainees who get interrupted while testing will be able to save their exams and pick up where they left off later.

  8. Get Instant Feedback: Exam designers have the option to alert trainees when they answer a question incorrectly. End users will get direction on what part of the course material they should review.

  9. Advanced Analytics: MasterControl's advanced analytics and reporting capability provides standard and customized reports to show the status of a training program. This will help you track and address training gaps and deficiencies. It includes dashboard, drill-down, and scheduling capabilities.

  10. SCORM-Compliant Courses: MasterControl is compliant with SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model), which enables interoperability between e-learning software and learning management systems, including MasterControl. Whether you create your own training content or use third-party sources, your end users will be able to access it easily in MasterControl.

  11. Progressive Training Sequence: MasterControl's learning management system (LMS) allows development of a progressive training program through sequencing of training courses. As soon as a trainee completes a prerequisite, the next course is automatically launched.

  12. Group Sign-off: If your company trains hundreds of employees at once, verifying and signing off for each trainee can be time-consuming. With this feature, the course instructor or verifier can sign off once for large groups of trainees. Sort by course name and then select all users who have taken the course and sign off for them.

  13. Classes and Course Materials Control: Users who have not attended a training class or opened a course material will not be able to sign off on the task. This feature enforces training and compels users to open training materials.

Use the Training Software Chosen by Life Science Industry

Life science companies and regulatory bodies trust MasterControl:

Patrick DeVillier, Senior Director of Compliance, A.P. Pharma, says:

"I have firsthand experience using MasterControl and it has increasingly become, if you will, a one-stop shopping for all of our data. That has really assisted everyone, from the chemist in the laboratory to senior management, in being able to access information and collate it for a given objective. Compared to the past when we had to run around to find disorganized information, MasterControl has allowed us to really focus our efforts on bringing together regulatory submissions."

Leverage MasterControl's Life Science and Regulatory Expertise

The product managers who designed MasterControl's training software and LMS have walked in your shoes and understand the unique challenges of your industry. Each MasterControl product manager specializes in specific industries and develops product features that meet the needs of the industries they represent.

MasterControl expertise covers U.S., U.K., and European Union regulations, as well as ISO standards and ICH guidelines. Our experts share industry best practices through training programs and conference presentations, as well as white papers and publications.

Tom Golden, Manager of Document Control and Learning Services, BioMimetic Therapeutics, says:

"MasterControl makes it easy to be compliant. Obviously they've done their homework. They know what the requirements state. We just plug our information in there and we're compliant. To me, that's a great competitive edge."

Enjoy the Same Benefits as Our Satisfied Customers Worldwide

MasterControl's successful software implementation and validation track record in over two decades has earned customer trust and confidence as reflected by a 97 percent customer retention rate.

The company reiterated its commitment to provide customers with high-quality software solutions and services when it attained the milestone as one of the first companies in the world to successfully complete certification audit to ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Rodger Ford, Former CEO, SynCardia and MicroMed Cardiovascular, says:

"As for SynCardia and MicroMed, I honestly don't think they would be viable businesses today had it not been for MasterControl or something like MasterControl and I don't know that there is anything like MasterControl."

Anne Howell, Director of Training and Development, Community Blood Center of the Carolinas, says:

"The system is very user-friendly, very easy to learn. All of the support has been nothing but positive. I think it's a very good system and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone."