SCORM Compliant LMS

SCORM compliant LMS solutions are electronic learning management software systems that conform to widely recognized guidelines that make it possible for such systems to reuse and access content across different platforms.

The internationally recognized Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) development standards have been designed to increase the efficiency of sharing and exchanging digital information across any number of learning management systems (LMS). The advantages of SCORM compliant LMS systems include the enhanced interoperability, accessibility, manageability and reusability of digital data.

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SCORM Compliant LMS

When an organization implements a SCORM compliant LMS software solution, it is not required to make a long term commitment to that particular system because of its inherent interoperability between disparate systems. Native content can be created within one SCORM LMS system and later reused and manipulated within another SCORM compliant LMS system if the organization outgrows the original system or the system itself becomes obsolete. Plus, authoring content according SCORM LMS standards can enable users to create a customized look and feel of the content they create.

Key Elements of Effective Electronic Learning Systems

When shopping for a SCORM compliant LMS system, potential buyers should look for software that readily integrates with existing document repositories and other enterprise solutions currently used by the organization such as ERP (enterprise resource planning), LIMS (laboratory information management systems) and training applications. Other considerations such as fee type, licensing models, installation options, business orientation, content creation capabilities, and programming language should also be weighted according to organizational needs.

Enhancing Learning and Training with Automation

Software solutions are changing the global landscape in terms of what, when, where and how we are able to learn. In corporate environments, employees can be well trained, even in the most complicated of tasks, via robust training software solutions. Such solutions are indispensable in industries that are highly regulated, where training documentation records must be meticulously maintained. If your organization is planning to implement a SCORM compliant LMS system or other type of training management software solution, there are particular functionalities that you should consider prior to making a purchase:

  • The system should fully automate the routing, tracking, and follow-up of training tasks. Trainees should be instantaneously notified every time a new training task is issued and verifiers should also be automatically notified upon task completion. Most top-notch systems also provide automatic grading of online exams, which is beneficial to many organizations.
  • In manufacturing settings, the training solution should be integrated with the overall quality system. If there is any change to documentation whenever a new policy is revised, all affected personnel need to be notified immediately so they can receive the training they need to do their jobs effectively and according to the most up-to-date information.
  • Reporting and analytics are vital to the proper oversight of any training program. Managers and supervisors must have complete visibility into the status of employee training programs if they have any hope of ensuring the efficacy and safety of the products or services being generated by their personnel. A robust software solution should provide customizable reports, online charting and automatic gap analysis, at very least.
  • There are a variety of optional features that may be particularly beneficial to your specific organizational needs, such as: course sequencing; training verification; timeliness of verification; question randomization; proof of competency; revision control; and document effectivity contingent upon training completion.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to training solutions and SCORM compliant LMS software. No one understands your company’s internal requirements like you do and there is no substitute for thorough research. By methodically investigating the training solutions, vendors and products available on the market, your organization can find the solution that best fits your organizational needs.

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