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Automate Document Control and Streamline ISO 9000 / ISO 14000 Compliance with an Oil and Gas Document Control Software System

For oil and gas companies that wish to meet ISO 9000 standards, quality records must be maintained. A quality oil and gas document control system can ensure that oil and gas companies electronically maintain and control all business and quality-related documentation. In short, a quality oil and gas document control system can ensure more effective operations within the work environment.

Oil and gas companies also find it advantageous to conform to ISO 14000 environmental management standards (EMS). The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) supports the use of EMS to help organizations improve their environmental performance and aid in the prevention of pollution. Like ISO 9000, ISO 14000 requires document control procedures to help manufacturers continually improve their environmental management systems.

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With the emphasis on complying with ISO standards, most oil and gas companies want to opt for an online oil and gas document control system. Usually companies prefer to seek the help of oil and gas document control software to manage all the standard operating procedures. This is where MasterControl comes into the picture by providing companies with a document control software system that electronically maintains, manages and controls documentation without the hassle.

Oil and gas companies hire employees to perform complex functions such as drilling, preparing water or gas for injection into a reservoir, processing the oil and gas before sending it ashore, and cleaning produced water for disposal into the sea. All these processes require precarious planning, communication and the integration of equipment within the system. It is indeed a difficult task to manage procedures without risking human lives and sustaining a profitable business.

MasterControl software allows oil and gas companies to reduce their risk by increasing control and streamlining document management, compliance with ISO standards and quality processes.

How MasterControl's Oil & Gas Document Control Software Can Help

One of the basic requirements of ISO 9000 standards is that all the documentation and quality records have to be maintained. With an oil and gas document control system, you can be ensured that operations can be far more effective. Apart from this, oil and gas companies also need to ensure that their SOPs are environmentally friendly. A good parameter to gauge environmentally sound procedures within a company is to determine how its standards conform to the environmental standards of ISO 14000. In particular, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) supports the use of EMS to help organizations improve their environmental performance and increase the prevention of pollution.

Both ISO 9000 and 14000 are easier for oil & gas companies to comply with when they make use of any oil and gas document control software. For this very reason, MasterControl presents its state-of-the-art oil & gas document control solution to enable companies to grow their business.

MasterControl's Oil and Gas Document Control Software System Features

  • Dramatically reduces the time it takes to bring a new product to market by speeding up the process for document change, approval, notification, and distribution
  • Is an off-the-shelf configurable product designed for rapid installation, implementation, and validation
  • Oil & gas document control systems ensure documentation integrity so employees always have the most updated document at their fingertips
  • Combines powerful electronic routing and approval
  • Full electronic audit trail and reporting features
  • Electronic signature management and control
  • Oil and gas document control system ensures ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 compliance with security and integrity of documents
  • Scalable, open-systems architecture
  • Supports industry-standard databases

Bringing Order With Oil and Gas Document Control Software

Many of the operations in oil and gas companies require input from various departments. Initially, a company may find it more convenient to maintain separate quality systems (either paper-based or hybrid in nature) in separate departments or company locations, but in the long-run disparate systems are never feasible. Companies eventually realize that it's far more lucrative to manage their business with oil and gas document control software manages all types of documentation and quality processes with one electronic system. For example, instead of wasting tremendous man hours in routing SOPs, obtaining approval and signatures, attending face-to-face meetings to discuss changes, and taking the time to manually search and retrieve documents during ISO audits, the more efficient solution is to automate all of these processes!

MasterControl Document Control Software

MasterControl Documents is a web-based repository that allows authorized users to access company documentation from virtually anywhere. MasterControl's oil and gas document control software automates the routing and delivery of SOPs, policies, and other documentation. It's highly advanced document control and it's uniquely qualified to be the focal point of the MasterControl quality management system because it can handle all types of documents regardless of the software used to create them and because it can maintain and control all forms-based quality processes (e.g, CAPAs, nonconformances, change control, etc.). It also provides a secure and centralized document control repository that makes search and retrieval easy during inspections and audits.

Bridging the Communication Gap with Oil and Gas Document Control Software

The operations in the oil and gas company encompass several layers of communication that require extensive management at any stage. Breakage at any level can cause the loss of human life as well as the loss of company reputation. Company management cannot afford misunderstandings or miscommunication when it comes to company protocols and procedures. For this reason, the MasterControl oil and gas control system maintains and controls documentation (and all iterations of said documentation) electronically. With MasterControl, all authorized users can access SOPs (and other essential documents) quickly and can immediately refer to the important steps in carrying out the operations. This helps prevent employees from making any mistakes in regard to the performance of functions.

Save Time and Money by Integrating Quality Processes with Oil & Gas Document Control Software

Change is always a positive sign toward progression. However, for an oil and gas company with many branches, a change can mean the alteration of processes across all company locations. The progress therefore lies in the ability to quickly adapt to change across all company locations. MasterControl provides an integrated solution that connects all quality sub-systems like CAPA, change management, audit, customer complaint, and training. The training module allows training segments to be released electronically by date or by a trigger from a previously completed training. With MasterControl, all users can receive notices to complete training online and at their own desk!

Authorize Changes with Oil & Gas Document Control Software

In a paper-based system or a hybrid system, employees check out documents and other materials (engineering drawings, etc.) manually. Tracking down any document (and related document activity) can be very difficult. For example, unauthorized employees could manipulate or erase documentation that is not protected. How can you ensure that only authorized users are granted privilege in updating documents? MasterControl allows only authorized users to review and update documents. It also has a number of change control options for tracking the changes made to the documents and for ensuring that the user enters the reason for changes before submitting the document for approval.

Similarly, in a paper-based system, making a change in an SOP or other document requires the manual submission of a change request or a discussion of the change in face-to-face meetings. Through MasterControl's oil and gas document control system, the automatic routing of documents saves time when submitting documentation. With MasterControl, all documentation is automatically sent to reviewers automatically. Upon the approval of this documentation it will be approved and archived or sent to the next proscribed reviewer.

Analyze Your Business the Right Way with Oil and Gas Document Control Software Reporting Features

The Oil and Gas industry is competitive. Since the industry concentrates on manufacturing products that are very similar in nature, most of the companies try emphasizing the quality of their products. This puts quality in the spotlight! Visit the MasterControl website to learn more about improving product quality with MasterControl's document control and quality management software solutions.

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