Shop Floor Control

Shop Floor Control

Ensure you're getting complete visibility into activity on the shop floor.​

Every shop floor control system should be integrated with digital tools. This provides visibility into manufacturing activities and enables data-driven decisions. Manufacturing workers with automated tools can carry out their work more efficiently.

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The Right Information at the Right Time

Relying on paper-based or disconnected systems makes it difficult to track the information you need. Shop floor control software should deliver the right data to the right place as soon as it is needed. With immediate access to accurate, up-to-date information, manufacturers gain greater visibility of shop activities and insights to improve shop floor control.

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Track and Improve Shop Floor Processes

Shop floor control systems can help manufacturers track whether production processes are being followed and identify areas where inefficiencies can be improved. Digital shop floor tools can ensure the latest standard operating procedures (SOPs) are being followed and enforce training. Shop floor automation can automate data collection, reduce human errors, and streamline change management.

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Manufacturing Excellence provides the insights manufacturers need to make data-driven decisions.

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