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What Do You Need in an ERP Vendor?

Cloud-based and SaaS enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is revolutionizing the way companies approach production and resource management. Your choice of ERP vendor is an important—and long-term—decision that will have a significant impact on the way your company plans, manufactures, and delivers products. Because changing ERP platforms is a major undertaking that has the potential to disrupt operations, choosing an ERP solution that is usable, meets your business needs, and can be extended with fast-changing technology will benefit your business for years to come.

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Today, there are multiple enterprise resource planning vendors serving different industries, business sizes, and specific operational needs. Major vendors include SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, and Infor.

  • On-premise. On-premise ERP solutions use server hardware and infrastructure you purchase, which tends to allow for the highest amount of customizability, but may also incur high initial investments, ongoing maintenance costs, and can be difficult to update and modify once installed.

  • Cloud-based. Cloud-based solutions may be either on premise or SaaS-based, but host some or all of the data and software on a remote cloud. This makes updates and maintenance easier, and may eliminate direct hardware costs; however, some ERP vendors offer cloud-based solutions that still partially rely on local installation and implementation.

  • SaaS. Software as a service-based ERP software is subscription-based, cloud-enabled, and hosted remotely. These solutions are relatively easy to implement, often require lower upfront costs, and can also be compatible with a wide range of devices including desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

What Should You Look for in an Enterprise Resource Planning Vendor?

Selecting and implementing a new ERP system is a major undertaking in its own right, and many companies keep their ERP implementations—and their vendor relationship—for eight years or more. For this reason, you should carefully evaluate potential vendors, and ask questions such as:

  • Is the enterprise resource planning vendor pure-play? Many established vendors continue to offer on-premises ERP solutions even as they increase their support for cloud- or SaaS-based implementations of their software. In some cases, vendors may even have an incentive to retain these on-premises ERP solution, because the maintenance associated with these contracts can be more profitable than new contracts for the vendor’s cloud-based platforms.

  • Does the vendor focus on manufacturing? SaaS-based ERP solutions are beneficial in many ways but have seen slower adoption in the manufacturing industry because of the complexity, regulatory requirements, and precision needed for ERP solutions in the field. Many SaaS-based ERP solutions on the market today simply can’t handle the level of complexity your industry requires.

  • Is the solution customizable? A major benefit of multitenant, SaaS-based ERP software is the vendor’s ability to push updates and fixes much more conveniently and quickly than traditional on-premises implementations. At the same time, this centralization can sometimes lead to a lack of customizability—a particularly serious shortcoming in industries where resource planning methodologies differ not only between companies, but between departments and even from project to project.

MasterControl’s Enterprise Resource Planning Solution

MasterControl’s Manufacturing Excellence solutions can augment your company’s ERP solution with a modern, user-friendly, and cloud-enabled format. We offer standalone solutions that can take the place of the systems needed for your ERP vendor’s solution while integrating seamlessly with your existing MES and MOM implementations. With Manufacturing Excellence, you will benefit from:

  • An intelligent, manufacturing-focused solution. Many enterprise resource planning vendors offer solutions that can’t capture all of the complexities of manufacturing production on their own. Our software is developed by and for production, QA, and manufacturing engineers, built from the ground up to serve the unique requirements of your industry.

  • Deeply customizable operation. Manufacturing Excellence solutions are designed with the needs of manufacturing operations in mind. Our Integration Team will give you the tools and technology you need to create custom verification forms, data processing steps, dashboards, and reports that work with and augment your ERP infrastructure.

  • Mobile-friendly interfaces. Our solutions are responsive and easily accessible from a desktop computer, as well as from the shop room floor via smartphones or tablets, supporting faster and more efficient data tracking, validation, and inspection processes.

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To find out more about MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence and how we can complement your enterprise resource planning vendor’s solutions, please contact a MasterControl representative.