MasterControl Outlook E-mail Integration™ - Compatible for Integration with Microsoft Outlook and Other E-mail Systems

Software System for Microsoft Outlook and other E-mail Software Application Integrations

Whether you are an executive or a manufacturing line worker, you know that a company's most valuable resource is time. When a user has to access one application—typically e-mail—to send or receive information about a task and another separate application to actually perform the task, the end result is wasted time as well as the risk that managers and executives are left out of the loop.

Automating Document Control Processes to Comply With FDA and ISO Requirements

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How can the MasterControl Outlook E-mail Integration™ Software System Benefit You?

MasterControl Inc. has designed an e-mail integration that allows everyday and “everymonth” users alike to access MasterControl tasks from any HTML e-mail client, including Microsoft Outlook®. The interface facilitates vastly improved efficiency by providing quick connections via a familiar tool used by all employees every day. With MasterControl keeping them connected, even infrequent users can participate in the process.

Here are just a few ways MasterControl is helping e-mail users overcome common obstacles:

Microsoft Outlook and Other E-mail System Integration Challenges

MasterControl Outlook E-mail Integration™ Solutions

Inefficient E-mail Systems

More than anyone else in a company, executives are pressed for time. Inefficiencies frequently encountered by executives—such as delayed approval on critical documents, time-consuming change implementation, and similar adverse processes—can cripple any company.

Efficient E-mail System with MasterControl E-mail Integration Software

The MasterControl Outlook integration software allows executives and managers to efficiently complete critical approvals using the same application they are already working with all day, every day: their e-mail. MasterControl allows these users to complete most tasks entirely from the e-mail, making tasks like approvals or process data entry easy to complete. Some more complex tasks have links directly to the task in MasterControl, making them easy to complete and simplifying navigation through the system to find the tasks.

Disconnected E-mail Software Systems

When separate systems are in use employees waste time jumping back and forth between the e-mail system that informs them about tasks and the applications in which the tasks are carried out.

Connected E-mail System

With MasterControl’s Outlook e-mail integration, employees can use a familiar interface to perform common tasks. MasterControl is integrated into corporate environments where e-mail is a vital aspect of daily activities. Many tasks (such as viewing forms/documents, approving forms/documents, or rejecting/signing off) can be completed directly from an e-mail message.

Difficult User Training Management

Employees must complete critical training prior to working on a manufacturing line. Most training systems require companies to devote an overwhelming amount of man-hours and resources to routing documents/forms, signing off training tasks, obtaining approval and signatures, meeting to discuss changes, and searching for and retrieving documents.

Up-to-speed Users

The Outlook integration is so easy to use that employees can start producing before they are even trained on MasterControl’s full capabilities. Task lists can be set to appear as messages in users’ inboxes. With the MasterControl interface, users can even reset passwords directly from their e-mail.

MasterControl Outlook E-mail Integration Software System Features and Benefits:

  • Universal E-mail Clients: MasterControl’s integration product works with any HTML e-mail client, including Outlook, Google Gmail, MSN Hotmail, etc.
  • Easy to Use: The familiar, modern interface is intuitive and user friendly.
  • Quick Connection: The MasterControl Outlook E-mail Integration allows immediate access to even casual or novice MasterControl users.
  • Rich HTML E-mail: MasterControl has designed a more enticing e-mail connection that allows everyday users to perform a variety of MasterControl actions from within their e-mail interface with a single click.
  • Transparent Interaction: Users enterprise-wide can perform everyday tasks in a familiar interface without needing an extensive knowledge of MasterControl. The integration allows them to work with their same Outlook e-mail interface while still being able take advantage of MasterControl’s robust functionalities.
  • Improved Training Task Access: Users can conduct a variety of training activities directly from their e-mail, such as viewing training tasks and related information, accessing documents associated with particular courses, and signing off on training tasks. Training course materials can be viewed and simple training tasks can be signed off with a single click.
  • Direct Link to Forms: Rather than having to link to the My Tasks menu, forms are directly linked to e-mails. When users sign off after forms are complete they are immediately returned to their e-mail program.
  • Web-based System: MasterControl connects different departments with each other and with data and processes, all under a secure and centralized Web-based system that is integrated with users’ e-mail. This connectivity helps promote quality throughout the enterprise by allowing management to continuously monitor and proactively improve quality processes. MasterControl helps companies meet key regulatory standards and requirements, while simultaneously increasing efficiency and keeping compliance costs down.
  • Assured Compliance: For companies doing business in regulatory environments, MasterControl ensures that its solutions are fully compliant with regulatory requirements such as the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11. MasterControl provides time-stamped audit trails, reporting, and electronic signature capabilities. Security features include dual passwords for document approval as well as password expiration, encryption, and certification.
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