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Regulated companies, like most businesses, try to control their critical documents and avoid the myriad problems associated with rogue copies. Yet, regulated companies, also like most businesses, realistically could not survive without electronic and paper copies. MasterControl Copies enables regulated companies to make these copies but still remain in control, all the while saving time, resources, and money.

MasterControl Copies

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How can MasterControl help you?

MasterControl Copies™ combines several beneficial features related to creating multiple copies into a single product. Functional elements of MasterControl Copies™ include Multiple File Copy, Multiple File Print, Controlled Copies and PDF Binder.

Here’s how MasterControl addresses the common challenges faced by companies that must balance the need to copy, print and distribute considerable amounts of documentation in a streamlined manner while still remaining in control:


MasterControl Solution

Inefficient Copying:

Most Web-based document management systems can only copy one file at a time. When large volumes of files must be copied, this slows down the entire production process.

Efficient Copying:

By selecting any number of "InfoCards" multiple files can be copied simultaneously from MasterControl's Web-based system.

Inefficient Printing Process:

Many document control systems require files to be individually selected and downloaded for printing. Additionally, these systems may not be able to prevent employees from printing documents that they should not be able to access, which can jeopardize enterprise-wide control capabilities.

Efficient Printing Process:

MasterControl's Multi-File Print feature makes it possible to spool multiple files to a network printer at the same time. In addition, MasterControl will only print documents for users who have assigned rights.

"Out-of-Control" Copies:

Outdated SOPs, incorrect work instructions, lack of audit trails and similar document mismanagement inevitably lead to manufacturing mistakes and production inefficiencies.

Controlled Copies:

MasterControl users with the appropriate rights can print controlled copies that are uniquely numbered, watermarked and tracked. Owner, location and date information are also recorded in the system, insuring that only the most current documentation is in effect.

Unwieldy Multi-File Management:

Many companies have to distribute multiple files, often in different formats to suppliers and customers in documentation "packets." Assembling and distributing these packets can be a cumbersome process.

Streamlined Multi-File Management:

Using the PDF Binder feature, MasterControl can combine multiple files into a single PDF for distribution, complete with a bookmarked table of contents.

Features and Benefits

Multi-File Print: Users have the option of selecting and printing multiple files at once, eliminating the tedious process of selecting each file, selecting the location of each file on the user’s PC, then printing each file one at a time.

Controlled Copies: Companies in regulated industries must keep accurate and up-to-date controlled copies of many types of documents in order to maintain compliance. MasterControl users can print controlled copies that are given unique controlled copy numbers and tracked and watermarked separately from standard copies.

Accessibility: Remote employees who need to utilize large numbers of files will be able to quickly copy all the files they require. This indispensable feature is useful in situations such as moving a large number of files to a laptop for a remote event, making CDs of relevant documentation for suppliers or FDA inspectors, or any other similar circumstance where large numbers of files need to be duplicated.

Multi-File Copy Flexibility: MasterControl Copies™ not only allows users to select the content they wish to copy but also lets them choose how the output should be grouped — individual files, a new folder, or a single PDF.

PDF Binder: Multiple files can be copied together and published to a single PDF. The binder file created by MasterControl includes a table of contents and is bookmarked for ease of use.

Rights: To assure quality document control, different levels of rights can be assigned to prevent or permit user activities such as printing controlled copies, printing non-controlled copies (reference prints), and changing the publishing settings for printed controlled copies. Print drop-down menus will only show the options for which a user has rights.

User Friendly: With MasterControl Copies™ file selection options are in the hands of the user. Several types of file options are available for creating copies, including main files, attachments, native files, PDFs, and/or linked files. The Select All feature permits users to copy all files from a list.

Efficient: MasterControl is a robust software system that provides all the tools necessary to copy and print documents quickly and efficiently.

Connected: By simplifying and streamlining copy and print tasks, MasterControl improves employee productivity and unites quality processes across the enterprise.

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