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Employee Training Management Software assures and documents the proper training of all employees for regulated or ISO-compliant companies as training literally makes a company thrive and survive.

Regulatory Compliance and Employee Training Management

In today's FDA-regulated environment, life science companies must implement employee training. Employee training management helps ensure that company personnel know how to perform their duties according to approved company standard operating procedures. When employees know how to perform the results are higher quality products. MasterControl is the leading provider of content and quality management systems. The MasterControl employee training management software solutions address the major challenges companies face in conducting enterprise-wide training

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Employee Training Management for Pharmaceutical Companies

Employers understand that employee training is essential for their organization’s success. This is especially important for pharmaceutical companies, where employee training can reduce the risk of nonconformance. In FDA’s “Guidance for Industry: Quality Systems Approach to Pharmaceutical CGMP Regulations,” it states, “Under a quality system, continued training is critical to ensure that the employees remain proficient in their operational functions and in their understanding of CGMP regulations. Typical quality systems training should address the policies, processes, procedures, and written instructions related to operational activities, the product/service, the quality system, and the desired work culture (e.g., team building, communication, change, behavior). Under a quality system (and the CGMP regulations), training should focus on both the employees’ specific job functions and the related CGMP regulatory requirements.”

Employee Training Management for Medical Device Companies

FDA’s Quality System Regulation 21 CFR 820 also covers employee training management, stating that management “must establish procedures for identifying training needs and to ensure personnel are adequately trained.” This includes making employees aware of defects and errors that could be encountered as improper performance of their specific jobs.

Adverse events involving medical devices or equipment can lead to serious problems, including incorrect or delayed diagnosis and treatment or patient injuries. When errors involving medical devices recur repeatedly, users are often blamed. In reality, the fault may lie in poor training received on the manufacturing line. Problems may also arise with the user’s expectation of how the device works. If instructions are written poorly or if the device is incorrectly demonstrated, adverse events can be expected.

Solving for Poor Employee Training Management

It’s clear that in both the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, employees must receive proper training to avoid making errors that could have serious ramifications. Human factors, those variables that affect the performance of individuals using equipment, can be mitigated through training and retraining. To meet FDA’s regulations, this training must be documented. Paper documentation could be used but it is much more efficient to use an electronic system that integrates training with proper documentation.

MasterControl’s Employee Training Management Solution Makes Training Easier to Manage

MasterControl's employee training management system is part of an integrated, easy to use suite specifically designed for companies seeking compliance to FDA regulations and ISO quality standards. The employee training application is web-based to more easily automate, streamline, and manage the entire training process to be faster and more cost-effective. And now, MasterControl also offers this training management system as part of a hosted on-demand cloud-based quality management system solution.

Here are some of MasterControl's Training Management features and benefits:

  • Automates Employee Training Tasks: automates assignment, monitoring, and verification of training tasks. Provides trainees access to records that show past training, course due dates, and required future training for better employee training management.
  • Random Exam Questions: course exams can be configured so questions are randomly selected. A user who has taken an exam will not get the same questions in the same order during a second try. Random selection guarantees a trainee understands the task before proceeding to the next training level.
  • Optional Training Verification: streamlines basic courses that do not require verification by reducing the burden on supervisors who typically must act as verifiers and perform employee training management.

For More Information on MasterControl's Employee Training Management Software

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