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MasterControl's Project Management Software Helps in Managing and Controlling Document and Process-based Implementation Projects

MasterControl Projects automates the process of controlling projects, particularly those that are document and/or process-based. It automates the assignment of tasks and/or project milestones, in addition to automating routing, escalation, and tracking. It streamlines the workflow and provides project transparency that fosters accountability.

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Often even expensive, dedicated project management software are disconnected entities. This means that a project manager must manually query task owners before manually updating task completion data.

With MasterControl's project management software, in contrast, the project plan is connected to the tasks and/or project milestones. For example, MasterControl knows when a document is approved or a process is completed. When this occurs, MasterControl automatically updates the project plan with no manual intervention required.

More about MasterControl Project management Software

MasterControl is a well-established provider of project management software and other related software solutions for regulated companies. MasterControl compliance software solutions, in addition to the dedicated support of our technical and customer services staff, have helped well over 400 companies around the globe to be successful.

Continuous Validation of the Project Management Software

MasterControl considers validation an integral part of software solutions for FDA-regulated customers. Our "continuous validation" approach dramatically cuts the time, pain, and cost involved in validation, making it easier to re-validate future upgrades.

MasterControl products and services address different levels of validation needs based on individual risk assessment. They include innovative products and services such as MasterControl Transfer OQ and MasterControl Automated OQ.

Here is how MasterControl addresses the key challenges faced by companies using different enterprise applications:

Project Management Software Challenges

MasterControl Projects Solution

Disconnected Processes

Even expensive, dedicated project management software are disconnected entities. It means a project manager must manually query task owners prior to manually updating task completion data.

Connected Project Management

With MasterControl Projects, the plan is connected to the tasks. For example, MasterControl knows when a document is approved or a process is completed. When this occurs, MasterControl automatically updates the project plan with no manual intervention required.

No Standard Process

Managers without a formal project management software or process are essentially flying by the seat of their pants. Project results are likely to be inconsistent or ineffective. Meeting deadlines and staying within budget could be major challenges.

Standardized Process

MasterControl Projects will standardize project management by providing an effective framework for the process, from project definition to completion. All tasks, schedules, and resources related to a project will be coordinated under a single system, fostering efficiency.

Poor Project Tracking

Tracking tasks manually can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Some tasks are likely to fall through the cracks without a proper project management software for monitoring and escalation.

Automatic Tracking

MasterControl automates tracking of tasks and monitoring of progress for a more efficient process. Users can create dependencies for a more effective workflow.

Poor Turnaround

Every project comes with a target completion date. In projects such as a product launch or a quality audit, timeliness is critical. Managing a project using a manual process entails time-consuming legwork, meetings, and follow-up work that are likely to drag project completion.

Fast Turnaround

MasterControl automates scheduling, task assignment, routing, tracking, escalation, and approval, greatly speeding up the process. The system provides project transparency to help avoid bottlenecks.

Poor Communications

Each project has multiple stakeholders who need to know the current status of various tasks and/or milestones. Without an enterprise project management software, determining status is inefficient and time-consuming.

Real-Time Communication

MasterControl Projects provide a central location for task and milestone status that is updated automatically. Stakeholders can easily determine what is on track and what is behind schedule.

Features of the Project Management Software

MasterControl's project management software, a part of the MasterControl integrated quality suite, is a robust application that provides a connected framework for managing a project. MasterControl is Web-based so team members can access it from virtually anywhere. Below are some of its powerful features.

Project Template: Most companies carry out similar projects time and again. MasterControl's project management software provides the ability to create a preconfigured template for each type of project to help reduce the time involved in starting a project. The template automatically includes basic information about high-level project groupings such as design, development, pilot/test, launch, and manufacturing/deployment, with each grouping depending on the prior one. The template includes document or form-based tasks that are typically required by the project.

Best-Practice Workflow: MasterControl Projects incorporates the different steps of a typical project. Through this workflow, a user can:

  • Define a new project;Define tasks and group them accordingly;
  • Define tasks that are dependent on other tasks;
  • Schedule tasks;
  • Assign tasks to users;
  • Assign target date for each task;
  • Escalate tasks after a period of inaction;
  • Route the tasks electronically;
  • Track and monitor tasks electronically; and
  • Approve and close completed project

Project Lifecycle Management: MasterControl Projects typically involves several phases: project definition, planning, execution, and completion. MasterControl provides virtual vaults for effective management of the project lifecycle.

  • Definition and Planning - A new project resides in the draft vault, which allows editing of tasks, schedules, dependencies, etc.
  • Execution - A project in the execution phase moves to the release vault, where tasks are automatically assigned to the appropriate users as defined by the project. Tasks and milestones can be modified as needed throughout the execution phase within project management software.
  • Completion - When all tasks are completed, the project moves to the archive vault. Completed projects will be available for review as needed.

Project View/Workspace: A user can view a hierarchical tree of tasks and groups of tasks through the workspace in the project management software. The user can add, delete, and make changes to tasks, dependencies, and target dates. The project view also allows the user to easily determine the current status of tasks and project milestones.

Filtering Capability: A powerful filtering capability allows users to view tasks of MasterControl Projects by categories: tasks on the critical path, overdue tasks, tasks assigned to a specific user, etc. This feature serves as a critical-path planning tool.

For More Information on MasterControl Projects

Feel free to contact a MasterControl representative to learn more about our project management software and MasterControl Projects, in addition to our many related MasterControl software solutions.

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