MasterControl Software Solution Suite Offered in Nine Languages

Do you have non-English speaking MasterControl users?

More companies are going global every day, operating sites in numerous countries and doing business in multiple languages. Even companies that don't have international sites often have non-English speaking MasterControl users. These sites and users can now more easily interact with MasterControl using translations. MasterControl now offers its world renowned document and quality management solution in nine languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Korean, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

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Benefits of Allowing Users to Operate Software in Their Native Language:

  • Enhanced efficiency and internal communication between all MasterControl users and sites
  • Increased user comfort level encourages quality system usage
  • Native language support decreases the probability that employees will make costly mistakes

The new multiple language translation offerings are designed for all organizations that have offices, manufacturing plants, etc., where employees are more comfortable using a language other than English. When a company installs an additional language, the users for that site can operate MasterControl software in a different language. In fact, each individual user can choose his or her language of preference.

For more information about MasterControl's multiple language translation capabilities, visit or call: 800-825-9117 (U.S.); +44 1256 325 949 (Europe); or 03-6801-6147 (Japan) to speak with a MasterControl representative.

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