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Recognizing Supplier Quality Problems Before They Spread

July 2, 2020 by Terrance Holbrook

The COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted supply chains on a massive scale, with manufacturers everywhere contending with the pandemic’s impact on supply and operations. While manufacturers continue to work to deliver goods and services quickly and safely to those at risk of infection and those working on the frontlines of the medical response, supply shortages have required quality teams to work with production shortages and manage the changes properly.

As manufacturers focus on accelerating production of various products needed to combat the health crisis, supplier quality shouldn’t let up.

For medical device manufacturers, where precision in lifesaving products is vital, the slightest drop in a supplier’s quality performance can result in nonconforming materials, out-of-spec products, production downtime and product recalls. To anticipate supplier quality issues before problems spread, manufacturers should always be vigilant of warning signs that a supplier’s quality is failing.

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