Ultimate Guide

Optimize Batch Records with Pharma Manufacturing Software

The Ultimate Guide to Digitizing Pharma Manufacturing
You will learn how to:
  • Connect all pharma manufacturing business units to gain more insight into all areas of the operation.
  • Resolve pharma manufacturing production bottlenecks by making data-driven comparisons between sites, shifts, teams, and more.
  • Ensure compliance by mastering regulatory GMPs.
About This Asset

This guide details how pharmaceutical manufacturers are addressing production lapses and compliance issues by digitizing their operations. Digital transformation in pharma manufacturing is essential to resolving product shortages and remaining relevant in today’s market.

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Why Digitization in Manufacturing Is Critical


Pharma Product Shortages Are Alarmingly High

A digitized manufacturing execution system (MES) enables you to capture pharma manufacturing data and insights to reduce errors, deviations, and corrective actions/preventive actions (CAPAs).


Blind Spots Are Common in Manufacturing Processes

A digitized MES gives pharma manufacturing companies full visibility of production. View performance data between sites, shifts, teams, and more.


Paper Batch Records Often Stall cGMP Compliance

GMPs continue to evolve. Pharma manufacturing companies need to adopt electronic batch records (EBR) to stay current with the updated guidelines.

Shorten Your Time to Market

Digitizing pharma manufacturing speeds up quality reviews and product releases.

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