MasterControl Application Add-ons

MasterControl add-on modules complement MasterControl applications. They expand the already-powerful functionality of MasterControl's core applications by providing robust automation capabilities that help streamline organizational processes critical to quality management.


MasterControl Analytics
MasterControl CAD Publishing
MasterControl Classes
MasterControl Collaboration
MasterControl Copies
MasterControl Database Inspect Tool
MasterControl Document Collections
MasterControl Document Connections
MasterControl Enterprise Licensing Server
MasterControl Exams
MasterControl Form Builder
MasterControl Forms QuickView
MasterControl Guest Connect
MasterControl Languages
MasterControl Mobile
MasterControl PDF Publishing
MasterControl Projects
MasterControl Rules
MasterControl Sage Submissions Templates
MasterControl Sites
MasterControl Transfer OQ

MasterControl Analytics™

MasterControl Analytics is an easy-to-use software application that enables non-technical users to develop sophisticated, customized reports. It provides a practical alternative to creating reports manually.

MasterControl CAD Publishing™

MasterControl CAD Publishing, an add-on to MasterControl PDF Publishing, converts a wide range of CAD files to high-quality PDF without requiring an authoring application or the need for multiple, expensive client/viewer licenses.

MasterControl Classes™

MasterControl Classes, an add-on to MasterControl Training, automates the scheduling of training sessions. Customers can easily create classes and schedule training resources, and administrators can specify the number of class slots and allow trainees to sign up.

MasterControl Collaboration™

MasterControl Collaboration helps companies maximize their intellectual assets by automating, simplifying, and optimizing the process of collaboration in documents-based projects.

MasterControl Copies™

MasterControl Copiesでは、複数コピーの作成に関連するいくつかの便利な機能が1つの製品にまとめられています。MasterControl Copies™の機能要素には、複数ファイルコピーや複数ファイル印刷、コピーコントロール、PDFバインダーなどがあります。

MasterControl Database Inspect Tool™

The MasterControl Database Inspect Tool, an addition to MasterControl's Enterprise Management Service, allows database-savvy users to query the database so they can build relationship diagrams for the MasterControl area in which they wish to create custom reports.

MasterControl Document Collections™

MasterControl Document Collections simplifies configuration management of a collection of documents. The solution maximizes efficiency by giving users the ability to collect, review and approve a bundle of documents as a single unit.

MasterControl Document Connections™

MasterControl Document Connections allows companies to integrate their existing electronic repositories ECM, PLM, or other types with MasterControl Training, MasterControl CAPA, MasterControl Forms, and other cutting-edge MasterControl applications. By using this module, integration of MasterControl solutions with external repositories can be made easily and immediately, without expensive custom coding.

MasterControl Enterprise Licensing Server™

The MasterControl Enterprise Licensing Server enables more efficient license utilization. The offering allows companies with multiple, relatively autonomous sites that don't regularly share large amounts of data to pool/share MasterControl licenses.

MasterControl Exams™

MasterControl Examsは、試験の管理やグレーディング、及び従業員の能力の文書化を自動化出来るMasterControl Trainingのオプションのアップグレードです。

MasterControl Form Builder™

MasterControl Form Builder is an Excel-to-HTML conversion tool that enables users to build electronic, MasterControl-friendly forms with minimal technical expertise required. Part of the MasterControl Process module, the tool simplifies data collection, storage and reporting.

MasterControl Forms QuickView™

MasterControl Forms QuickView decreases approval cycle times from months to days by improving the amount of time needed to handle each approval process. With two simple clicks, customers can quickly view a form and approve it.

MasterControl Guest Connect™

MasterControl Guest Connect enables companies to connect trusted outside parties to a secure online collaboration space. Customers can give practical interaction capabilities to suppliers, partners or consultants early in a development cycle without giving them a full-access account.

MasterControl Languages™

MasterControl Languages allows MasterControl solutions to be operated in the following languages: Chinese; English; French; German; Italian; Japanese; Korean; and Spanish. MasterControl's language translation functionality increases users' comfort level, communication and effectiveness with the quality system.

MasterControl Mobile™

MasterControl Mobile enables users to access critical documents, tasks and information remotely with just a smart phone or tablet and an internet connection. MasterControl Mobile can be used in the office, on the shop floor, in the lab, on the road, down the hall and across the globe.

MasterControl PDF Publishing™

MasterControl PDF Publishingには、文書の自動PDF発行機能があります。この製品は、オープンやコピー、貼り付け、その他のPDFオプションなどユーザーの権限を制限して、記録の信頼性を保持し、薬事及び品質のコンプライアンスを改善するのに役立ちます。

MasterControl Projects™

MasterControl Projectsは、プロジェクト(特に文書ベースやプロセスベースのプロジェクト)の管理プロセスを自動化します。タスクの割り当てやルーティング、エスカレーション、トラッキングを自動化します。ワークフローを合理化し、説明責任を重んじてプロジェクトの透明性を図ります。

MasterControl Rules™

MasterControl Rulesは、MasterControl統合品質管理Suiteの一部で、重要な品質イベントやタスクの効率的なモニタリングと管理のための設定変更可能な使いやすいソリューションです。各ユーザーがそれぞれのタスクをより効果的かつ効率的に管理することも出来ます。

MasterControl Sage Submissions Templates™

MasterControl Sage Templates simplify the authoring of submissions documents. Available in a wide range of document types, the templates ensure compliance with FDA and ISO guidelines for the format and appearance of documents intended for regulatory submissions.

MasterControl Sites™

MasterControl Sites is a site management feature that enables system administrators to relocate certain users' My Files folders to a different server that is closer to those users in the corporate network. This increases responsiveness for those users in My Files-related tasks.

MasterControl Transfer OQ™

MasterControl Transfer OQ(TOQ)は、 マスターコントロールの継続的なバリデーションアプローチの一部です。企業ポリシーとリスクの評価に基づいて、OQ文書化をバリデーション作業全体の一部として取り入れるか「転送する」かを選択し、時間とコストの両方を削減出来ます。

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