Partnering with Quality Professionals Worldwide


MasterControl has grown our reach significantly over the last 10 years—from a small provider of a narrowly focused document control product to one of the largest organizations in the world focused on helping quality and compliance professionals achieve their purpose. I have met with many of the world's top quality professionals over the past 10 years and I have been amazed by their devotion and commitment. I have recently found myself asking the question: What drives these dedicated people? Why are they so passionate about their jobs? I believe I have found the answer and it has had a strong effect on how I view MasterControl's mission.

Most quality professionals are dedicated to their products. Whether the product is a lifesaving cancer drug or a time-saving medical device used by thousands of doctors all over the world, they know that quality and compliance is necessary to enable people to benefit from their product. Simply put, quality professionals make great products (life-saving in some cases) available to more people sooner. They fight every day to reduce the cost and risk of their products and improve processes to reduce time to market. This can be, and often is, a life and death mission.

At MasterControl, our mission is to provide tools that allow quality and compliance professionals do their job - to make (often life-changing) products available to more people sooner. With over 650 customers who make an estimated 250,000 products used by hundreds of millions of consumers, we recognize that by helping quality professional do their jobs better, we help more people use products they need sooner at a reduced cost and with less risk.

While it is cool to think of the great number of products and people we can affect, our mission truly hits home when we think of the one person who got the product needed in time or at a cost they could afford or with a smaller risk of a safety issue. Speaking for all the MasterControl employees, we are excited to devote our professional efforts to such a great cause!


Jon Beckstrand is responsible for the overall direction and vision of MasterControl. Since his leadership began in 2002, MasterControl has enjoyed robust growth, introduced an array of new solutions, continued the company's push for innovation, and advanced its position as a leading provider of quality management software and services for regulated companies.

Over the course of his 20 years in the software industry, Beckstrand has served on the executive team of a midmarket financial services focused software provider and advised software and IT companies on company strategy and mergers and acquisitions as part of a team at KPMG in Chicago and Silicon Valley.

A CPA/attorney, Beckstrand received a bachelor's degree in accounting from the University of Utah and a law degree from Brigham Young University.

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