Supplier Corrective Action (CAPA)

Streamline your supplier management process with a supplier corrective action (CAPA) software system.

If a company uses products and/or services provided by suppliers, they also need an effective supplier corrective action (CAPA) mechanism to investigate and correct any quality issues related to those suppliers. A proven supplier corrective action software solution can help organizations comprehensively administer and effectively manage all supplier CAPA data and documentation

MasterControl Supplier Corrective Action (SCAR)™

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Benefits of an Automated Supplier Corrective Action (CAPA) Solution

As your business grows and manufacturing goals and processes change over time, suppliers are added, replaced, or dropped and the statuses of existing suppliers constantly fluctuate. During the course of such events, CAPA activities involving these suppliers frequently arise and need to be dealt with. An automated supplier corrective action software solution can help companies streamline supplier-related corrective actions and efficiently manage approved vendor lists (AVLs).

Here are some of the benefits of automating supplier corrective action processes:

  • Software specifically designed to manage supplier CAPAs allows organizations to automate the routing, delivery, escalation, and approval of CAPAs and all related documents.
  • A central, web-based repository for all documents related to supplier corrective actions simplifies search and retrieval during audits or inspections.
  • Supplier CAPA software can integrate CAPA processes with the rest of the quality system. For example, a first-rate CAPA supplier corrective action software system will automatically trigger a change to a standard operating procedure (SOP) upon the resolution of a CAPA, which consequently will initiate a retraining of personnel on the updated SOP.
  • An effective supplier corrective action (CAPA) system can track all routing information and data that is entered into electronic CAPA forms, which gives CAPA and nonconformance owners the ability to identify and rectify bottlenecks and also to understand the correlated sequence of events during processing.

Master Your Supplier Corrective Action (CAPA) Processes with MasterControl

Expert supplier CAPA management can be mastered when you use a proven and robust software solution like MasterControl. MasterControl offers companies a user-friendly interface for accessing all documentation related to each of their suppliers and provides an enhanced perspective of suppliers' statuses and AVLs. In fact, MasterControl gives customers enterprise-wide access to AVLs updated in real time.

With MasterControl, organizations can maintain all supplier status and critical quality information (i.e., approval status, contact information, recent audits, non-conforming material reports, CAPA reports, contracts, approved goods/services, supplier ratings, links to analytics reports, etc.) in a secure, centralized repository. The automatic revision control provided by the software system ensures that only the most current version of a document is available for use, which prevents users from working with obsolete or unapproved documents.

Analytics and reporting capabilities are also vital to supplier CAPA management. MasterControl gives users online access to analytics that allow them to dynamically build reports that trend and filter all important data collected about suppliers. Using MasterControl's standard and customizable reports, CAPAs can be summarized in multiple levels (such as by product, department, root cause, etc.). Additionally, the MasterControl software solution features dashboard, drill down, and automatic scheduling capabilities. Besides offering the ability to connect easily to existing document repositories (such as ERP, LIMS, and so forth), the system also provides customers with seamless integration with other complementary supplier-focused MasterControl solutions that help companies manage quality events other than CAPAs (e.g., nonconformances, risk, deviations, and audits).

Accelerate Compliance with a Supplier CAPA System

Another benefit of the MasterControl supplier corrective action (CAPA) solution is that it gives users an enhanced capability to manage approvals at the individual part (or service) level. It also provides the ability to share supplier qualification data with others in geographically disparate regions, which can help eliminate costly redundancies, increase efficiency, and accelerate a product's time to market.

The unique "Supplier View" feature of the MasterControl supplier CAPA software solution displays a Supplier Status field for each supplier, indicating if a particular vendor is approved or not. All supplier status and crucial quality information - such as approval status, contact information, recent audits, non-conforming material reports, contracts, approved goods/services lists, supplier ratings, links to analytics reports, and more - is contained within the system's easily accessible repository. The software system's user-friendly interface greatly simplifies the adding or alteration of data pertaining to suppliers, parts, or services. Bi-directional goods and services links let users automatically check approval statuses and easily review detailed supplier information.

MasterControl has a proven track record of helping companies achieve and maintain compliance as quickly as possible. MasterControl software gives customers the ability to maintain continuous compliance by ensuring that the supplier management system is always ready for inspections and audits. The system provides time-stamped audit trails, reporting features, and electronic signature capabilities that fully satisfy FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements. The security functionality of the system includes: dual passwords for document approval; password expiration, encryption, and certification features; and account lockout that prevents unauthorized users from accessing the system.

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