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Create and update documents without any hassle through MasterControl's Version Control Management solution. It's all about simplifying the way SOPs are maintained in the system.

Both FDA regulations and ISO quality standards require manufacturers to establish a document control system to ensure product quality and safety and MasterControl's document revision version control program helps in acheiving those requirements. Maintaining proper version and revision control is essential.

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Version Control Management All in One Place

The best thing about MasterControl's version control management solution is that it presents you with the ability to electronically store all your documents in one location. This centralized repository can be accessed by authorized users through a web-based interface. So, the problem of accessing documents for any user residing remotely is eliminated. You can be situated at any place around the world with internet access and still access the documents without any difficulty. Apart from this, you have the ability to conduct easy searches to retrieve documents. You don't have to browse through endless catalogs to find the documents you need.

Version Control Management with Access Only to the Current Version

One of the most important factors for any organization is to help all employees access the latest version of any document. Just imagine that after manufacturing a batch of a product, it is realized that the current version of the SOP was not followed. This situation can have a very negative impact on the company's business. MasterControl's version control management software helps you tackle this problem. For one thing, the solution helps in maintaining the current version of any document. When a document is being updated by an authorized user, no other users are given permission to check out that document. This alerts the user that the document is in the process of being updated. Such mechanisms prevent users from reading older versions of a document and also from trying to make updates to a document that is already being modified.

Change Control with Version Control Management

MasterControl's version control management software is based on the concept of automatic document revision control, version control, and archiving. Through this, you can only view the current version of the document at any time. Taking it one step further, the software only allows authorized users to modify the documents. Before the document is sent to the manager for approval, the user must specify the reason for alteration. The tool also allows for a number of change control options for tracking specific changes in a document. This way you can know which user has made what changes in the document. The time-stamped audit trail helps in figuring out how documents are processed in the system.

Version Control Management with Automatic Routing

Once you have updated the SOPs, then it's time to get the approval of the respective managers. In a smaller sized company this can be relatively easy, however, for large organizations the task can be cumbersome. Many times there is a halt in approval as a certain manager is unavailable to attend to the SOP review. MasterControl's version control management helps in saving you valuable time by automating the routing, escalation and approval of the documents. The software helps in enabling users to comply with current regulations for electronic signatures and document approval. Each signature includes a date and time stamp that is appended to each document. If a document remains pending for review by a manager, the document can be escalated to the next person for review. This helps in preventing any unnecessary delays in the approval of documents.

Training Management with Version Control Management

The sooner the current version of a document is checked-in, the sooner the employees are able to access the latest operating procedures and continue work. This helps in preventing any kind of miscommunication throughout the organization in following processes and performing operations. In the long run, you can save not just time but also the capital invested in production as well. Apart from this, with the version control management solution you are better equipped to provide training to employees about the standard operating procedures in the system. With MasterControl's Training module, you can automatically route training tasks about SOP updates instead of hiring specialized trainers to acquaint the employees about various changes. If you are better equipped in adapting to change you have a better chance of improving your company's bottom line. In the end, MasterControl's version control management solution helps you to maintain documentation that best fits your business needs.

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