Medical Device Reporting (MDR) Software

Medical device reporting (MDR) is complex. But it’s essential for compliance. MDR software streamlines compliance processes.

Medical device makers must disclose product problems and adverse events to regulators. Without a robust MDR solution, these reporting practices are inefficient and prone to error. MasterControl’s MDR system digitizes reporting processes. Our electronic MDR (eMDR) software is designed to optimize MDR quality and compliance.

MasterControl eMDR™

There’s an easier way to manage medical device reporting.


Digitized MDR Processes


Thorough MDR Documentation


Best-Practice Forms


Connected Quality

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Medical Devices in hospital

Complete MDR Quality Management

Competition is fierce in the medical device industry. You need more than just an MDR quality management system. MasterControl unifies MDR activities with your overall approach to medical device quality management. Our solutions are designed to connect data across the entire product life cycle. 


Robust Reporting Capabilities

MasterControl’s eMDR system creates summaries that provide the most relevant data for all MDRs. It also presents the most relevant data for MDRs awaiting acknowledgements. Configurable standard reports are included in the eMDR software. Users can group MDRs by product or outcome type and generate totals and charts. 

Prevent MDR headaches.

eMDR software is the key to reporting efficiency.

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