Material Resource Planning for Manufacturing

Material Resource Planning for Manufacturing

Why Use Material Resource Planning Software?

Automated material resource planning systems can substantially improve the effectiveness and accuracy of these material planning and control processes, letting managers integrate material requirements from bills of materials (BOMs), track inventory levels, and collect raw data to support deeper analytic insights than would be possible with an MRP system built on manual entry.

Before almost anything else, a manufacturing company must gain access to material resources to create their product and profit. When the correct resources are available in the appropriate quantities at production time, factories can work efficiently and with a minimum backlog.

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The Features and Benefits of MRP Software

MRP solutions can connect and communicate with manufacturing execution system (MES) software to support your tracking, documentation, and validation needs. They are often found as a component within a broader enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite, which monitors and controls costs for manufacturing and other areas such as human resources, sales, and distribution.

While many types of material resource planning software are optimized for different industry and manufacturing needs, these solutions typically include:

  • Inventory records

    Detailed inventories of materials on-hand, supporting control of resources.

  • Data collection

    Data on how, when, and where material resources were acquired and used.

  • Utilization logs

    Real-time records of when and where resources were consumed.

  • Level notifications

    Alerts for key personnel when inventory drops below certain critical levels.

  • MES integration

    Integrated MRPs provide data for MES-supported functions such as track and trace, quality management, and resource planning.

  • Data analysis

    MRPs yield detailed quantitative reports that can be used to evaluate, compare, and predict material requirements over time or for different projects.

  • Inventory control

    Precise records minimize wasteful excess inventory and maximize your ability to plan for current and future material requirements.

  • Delivery timelines

    Effective MRP solutions keep your production and delivery schedules intact by reducing the occurrence of resource shortfalls and availability bottlenecks.

  • Cost control

    By promoting streamlined inventories and on-time delivery, MRPs can keep costs low.

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Who Should Use MRP Software?

Good processes are essential for any manufacturing company because the availability and timely acquisition of resources directly affects your company’s bottom line in multiple ways. From developing timelines and avoiding bottlenecks all the way through to production and final delivery, material planning and control can make the difference between an on‐time, on‐budget project and one that runs schedule and cost overruns.

MRP software can be especially impactful for companies who use processes that are based on tedious and error‐prone manual entry, leading to significant cost savings and efficiencies on multiple fronts. Not all solutions are created equal. Make sure to choose one that’s easy‐to‐use and integrates well with other areas of operation, driving secondary efficiencies in production, shipping, and validation.

How Can MasterControl Help Control Material Resources?

Control and track inventory in real time

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Control and track inventory in real time

MasterControl’s cloud‐based solutions can help your manufacturing supervisors and directors track inventory in real time, rather than waiting for daily (or slower) reconciliation based on manual records or offline MRP systems.

Analyze stock levels and more accurately forecast future needs

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Analyze stock levels and more accurately forecast future needs

When resources are inventoried electronically, it’s that much easier to conduct sophisticated analyses of current and historical stock levels and usage rates. These insights can drive more accurate forecasts of inventory needs, better material resources planning processes, and greater efficiencies for your company.

Streamline production pipelines and hasten delivery

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Streamline production pipelines and hasten delivery

Your company’s ability to plan and control materials has a direct relationship to the efficiency of your manufacturing pipeline. Limiting bottlenecks can help you deliver faster, while minimizing inventory drives costs savings.

Reduce errors caused by manual entry and tracking.

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Reduce errors caused by manual entry and tracking.

Many companies’ material planning and control processes are based on slow manual entry and paper logs. Our solutions drastically reduce this overhead, eliminating costly errors and corrections associated with handwritten manual entry, and bringing inventory management to the factory floor with responsive, tablet‐friendly interfaces.

Conduct more effective procurements

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Conduct more effective procurements

When your company has accurate, up‐to‐date inventory records and utilization histories, you’ll be able to conduct procurements with confidence, securing the precise amount of resources you require for your manufacturing project.

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