Training Software Systems

Training software systems help companies to manage training tasks and related compliance requirements for less by automating and streamlining training processes from start to finish.

The MasterControl Training™ software system automates training management from start to finish by automatically delivering training tasks, grading online exams, integrating with quality processes (for highly regulated companies) and by providing the analytics and reporting features that are valuable for continued improvement and compliance.

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How can MasterControl Training Software Benefit You?

MasterControl Training is a robust, easy-to-use solution designed to effectively manage the training process and integrate it with other processes critical to regulatory compliance, such as CAPA, change control, audit, and customer complaints. Here's how MasterControl Training software addresses some of the major challenges that companies face in implementing training control.

Training Management and Tracking ChallengesMasterControl Training Software Solution
Inefficient Training Management System

The more employees a company has, the harder it is to track, follow-up, and verify their training, especially if they're in different locations working different shifts. A paper-based training system is likely to result in voluminous paperwork, delays, or incomplete training tasks.

Efficient Training Management and Tracking Software
MasterControl's Training software automates the routing and delivery of training tasks and even automatic grading of online exams. Provides a secure, centralized, and Web-based repository for all training-related documents.
Disconnected Training Processes

Changes made to SOP and other key documentation almost always require new training. If the training process is not connected to change control and other quality processes, training tasks are likely to fall through the cracks.

Connected Training Software

MasterControl Training integrates the training process with the rest of the quality system for a holistic approach. For example, the resolution of a corrective action will trigger an engineering change, an SOP change, and training of employees on the new SOP.

Poor Communication

Tracking calls for two-way communication. The training coordinator needs to inform all trainees about their tasks and trainees need to communicate back upon completion of training. In between, there's a need to remind people or escalate tasks. Paper-based and hybrid systems create unnecessary work with uncoordinated e-mail messages, phone calls, and face-to-face communication that are difficult to track.

Efficient Communication

Automates tracking and follow-up. Users are automatically notified about new training tasks. Upon completion of the task, the verifier is also automatically notified. Trainees have access to their training records in the MasterControl Training software with a personalized folder that shows past training, course due dates, and future training.

Lack of Oversight

With a paper-based or hybrid system, it's hard to find out who needs what training when, or how many employees passed or failed the training. It's almost impossible to get the status of the training program in a timely manner.

Increased Oversight

MasterControl Training software has an advance analytics and reporting capability includes customizable reports and online charting. The training coordinator can run a report according to required training by trainee, completed training by job code, or pending training by course, and find out how many people have completed their tasks.

MasterControl Training Software

MasterControl Training software is valuable for any industry but is especially valuable in highly regulated environments because it can be integrated with quality processes. For example, not only are employee training tasks automatically delivered to employees but these same tasks can also be triggered when an SOP or other sensitive document is altered. A change on an SOP may be due to any number of quality related issues (i.e., an engineering change, a customer complaint, etc).

The MasterControl Training system also allows users to receive consecutive training tasks in a series. So if one training tasks requires that five mini-tasks be completed the user will receive each consecutive task as preceding tasks are completed.

How the MasterControl Training System Integrates with Quality Systems

Let's say that a medical device company identifies a nonconformance event that requires a CAPA investigation. After the investigation has been conducted it is decided that the CAPA will be addressed with an engineering change which results in changes to two essential SOPs. MasterControl Training software automatically responds when the two SOPs are revised by subsequently delivering the SOP-related training courses to all applicable employees. Follow-ups and escalations will also be automated as well as the training audit trail which auditors have been known to analyze on many occasions.

Training Systems

MasterControl Training system is a proven, web-based employee training solution that provides user assurance that training programs are properly conducted and documented. The computer based training software solution from MasterControl, acts as a central repository for all training documents, electronically executes routing and delivery of training tasks. After assignments have been fulfilled, MasterControl's computer-based training software automatically tracks training program status and sends follow-up notification to appropriate parties. MasterControl's training module also features progressive capabilities such as online charting and exam grading, configurable reports, and analytics tools that dynamically capture and connect data. Other benefits of implementing MasterControl Training includes a group sign-off feature, revision control, and optional trainee access to his or her own training record.

Features of our Training Software Systems

Here is a summary of MasterControl Training's powerful features:

Online Exams - Regulatory bodies are increasingly seeking proof of personnel competency through the use of testing. MasterControl's Training software automates the assignment and follow-up of training tasks and even grading of online exams.

Training Curriculum - MasterControl allows development of a progressive training program through sequencing of training courses. As soon as a trainee completes a prerequisite, the next course is automatically launched.

Group Sign Off - For companies with hundreds of employees being trained at once, verifying and signing off for each trainee can be time-consuming. With the group sign-off feature in the training system, the course instructor or verifier can sign off once for large groups of trainees.

Revision Control - With MasterControl's automatic revision control, only one authorized user at a time can revise a particular training material. Trainers and course managers can rest assured that there are not multiple versions of a course being acted upon.

Connected Quality Processes - MasterControl Training software connects training with other quality processes, so any course or linked document that has been changed and re-approved will automatically trigger training tasks for all affected trainees.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting - MasterControl Training software automatically performs gap analysis for all training tasks; all the time. It tracks and shows any training deficiencies that might jeopardize compliance. Training coordinators can monitor the entire quality management lifecycle, from input to closure. Managers will get the big "picture" with the help of the following reporting capabilities:

  • Ability to dynamically capture, trend, and link data needed to solve problems, improve processes, and implement preventive measures. A variety of reports come standard, but MasterControl's training system helps companies in customizing reports based on their needs.
  • Data can be grouped together by a date interval and then charted over a date range.

To Learn More About Training Software Systems

To learn more about training software and training systems, please feel free to contact a MasterControl representative.