Associated Clinical Laboratories (ACL)

MasterControl Provides Compliant Software Solutions for Associated Clinical Laboratories (ACL) To Streamline Processes According to CLIA Regulations

Clinical laboratories, whether they perform diagnostic testing or research, must maintain compliance with the FDA's GCPs or with CLIA regulations. Many clinical laboratories also find that becoming accredited or affiliated with associated clinical laboratory organizations is valuable not only for increased status in the eyes of potential product consumers, but also for better access to the information and professional associations often proffered by such organizations.

To learn about software solutions that can electronically streamline GCP, CLIA compliance and any documentation or mandated processes for continued accreditation or membership with an associated clinical laboratory organization, please feel free to download the following content:

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How Does it Work for Associated Clinical Laboratories?

MasterControl provides off-the-shelf software solutions that are configurable for clinical laboratory needs. Many of the MasterControl solutions (e.g. MasterControl Documents, MasterControl Forms) can be integrated with additional quality related solutions (e.g. MasterControl Deviations, MasterControl Nonconformance, MasterControl Customer Complaints, MasterControl Change Control, MasterControl CAPA, MasterControl Training, etc.). These solutions can be used to control compliance and quality-related documentation and can additionally streamline quality-related processes that are linked to maintaining compliance or accreditation with the FDA's GCPs, CLIA or with additional associated clinical laboratory organizations.

Contact MasterControl for Software Solutions for ACL

To learn more about the software solutions that streamline document control and quality-related processes for faster and easier compliance (GCPs, CLIA, etc.) and optimal conformance with associated clinical laboratory organizations, please feel free to contact a MasterControl representative.