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    5 Steps to a Better Supplier Quality Audit

    Discover five often overlooked steps that can make your next supplier quality audit a more productive experience. Gain the major benefit of superior visibility into supplier performance and keep your supply chain moving.

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    Organizational Change Management Principles: Precede Action With Mindful Assessment

    Navigating and adapting to constant change requires more than a checklist mentality. Dr. Nancie Celini, president of Think OCM, explains why change management assessments must include mindful considerations and offers examples of the types of assessments that are ripe for a mindful approach.

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    Unlocking the Power of Your Manufacturing Execution System

    To stay current with trends and gain a competitive edge in the life sciences market, manufacturing organizations collect a lot of data from various sources. For this level of data gathering, companies not only need more storage capacity, but they also need data storage technology that allows for rapid search and retrieval. Find out why industry leaders employ a data lake to store and manage large volumes of data.

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    Risk-Based Supplier Management for Scaling Evaluation, Selection, and Control

    Regulators expect life sciences companies to take a risk-based approach to supplier management. But with so much supplier information to handle, how does an organization know which risks have been properly evaluated and controlled? QRx Partners’ Steve Gompertz examines the three critical phases of supplier management and explains how modern digital tools can streamline it.

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    Medical Device Trends: Medical Device Cybersecurity Guidance

    Connectivity offers many potential benefits to medical devices. Unfortunately, that connectivity also presents risks. That’s why regulators are coming out with cybersecurity guidance documents for medical device manufacturers.

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    8 Ways EBR Software Boosts Efficiency in Pharma Manufacturing

    In modern pharma manufacturing, the traditional, paper-based approach to managing production records and other essential documentation is too time-consuming and prone to errors to be effective. Find out eight ways electronic batch record (EBR) software can supercharge your operational efficiency.

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    Pharma Quality Management Trends: Adopting Intelligent Solutions

    If you haven’t already explored the benefits and necessities of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in pharmaceutical quality management, this is for you. The 2023 pharmaceutical industry trends show that applications of AI are increasing rapidly – and not a moment too soon. Unprecedented rates of vaccine development at the peak of the COVID crisis made the case for the value of life-sustaining AI technology. Are you there yet?

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    Digital Quality Management Is Hard - Here’s How To Do It Right

    Digitizing is a difficult process that involves every department in an organization. At MasterControl, we conducted original research on where the life sciences industry stands in its QMS digitization efforts and how we can help you make progress on your journey and overcome these difficulties.

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    Using the New Recommended Risk-Based Approach to Computer Software Validation

    Regulatory agencies encourage companies to take a risk-based approach to validating their software systems. To help companies achieve that goal, CloudWorks4All’s Ross Stoval examines the steps involved in implementing a new, risk-based validation methodology. Read on to learn how risk-based validation practices help companies in the life sciences save time and effort while making it much easier to adopt cloud-based systems like modern electronic quality management systems.

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    MDSAP Opens More Compliance Opportunities for Med Device Manufacturers

    Advanced technology has moved medical device innovation into the fast lane. It stands to reason that global regulatory agencies would step up to help keep the momentum going — and they have. In 2012, the International Medical Device Regulators Forum (IMDRF) rolled out the Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP). This post details how the program works and how it continues to evolve.

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    The FDA Just Called! Do You Have an FDA Audit Process in Place?

    If the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) called tomorrow to schedule a visit to your facility, would you panic or would you go on about your day, business as usual, knowing you have a robust FDA audit process in place?

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    3 Steps to Achieving TQM in Pharma Manufacturing

    Total Quality Management (TQM) is based on the notion that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. But employees resist deviations from the status quo, which makes the implementation of TQM principles a challenge in most pharma manufacturing settings. Find out how three sensible steps that you can take today will create a foundation for TQM success tomorrow.

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    How to Solve the Big Challenges of CGT Manufacturing

    Cell and gene therapy (CGT) manufacturing offers unique challenges regarding good manufacturing practices (GMP). Are paper batch records efficient enough to remain compliant? Learn how digital manufacturing solutions can solve some of CGTs biggest production issues.

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    5 Manufacturing and Quality Management Conferences You Shouldn’t Miss in 2023

    Professionals in the life sciences have an endless list of conferences and trade shows they can attend – but which events will give you the best reasons to attend? Find out which quality management and manufacturing conferences are the “can’t miss” events of 2023.

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    Pharma Quality Management Trends: 3 Ways an eQMS Enables Resource Resiliency

    Some of the most prominent pharmaceutical trends relate to the supply chain disruptions and the labor market shortages that coincided with peak COVID-19 lockdown periods. As a result, individuals, businesses, and entire industries are willfully redefining themselves and the ways that they connect to one another – staying connected despite critical disruptions. Find out how an eQMS solution can help you keep pace with these trends.

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    Unlocking Data With Digital Manufacturing Solutions in the Medtech Industry

    Digital manufacturing solutions provide real-time data access and analytics that medtech manufacturers need to process vast amounts of data, make more informed decisions, and improve performance in production and quality.

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    FDA Remote Inspections - The Trend Continues

    We’ve been talking about remote audits and inspections since the COVID-19 pandemic first hit - and this trend isn’t going anywhere. What started as a necessity due to remote work quickly morphed into a process that regulatory authorities intend to continue well after the pandemic is over.

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    Simplifying Complexity Through Process Improvement and Digitization

    Improving your business processes starts with an enhanced understanding of fundamentals. Read Enterey’s Ryan Coughlin examination of proven steps that enable companies to simplify change and quality management processes and the ways digital tools facilitate improvements.

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    3 Reasons to Invest in Truly Paperless Manufacturing

    Implementing truly paperless manufacturing offers quality control and production record benefits. Read about three measurable areas that are improved by switching to a connected digital manufacturing solution.

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  • 2023-bl-gxp-lifeline-eu-mdr-idvr_132x132

    Does the EU MDR/IVDR Extension Allow Delay?

    With the EU MDR and IVDR regulations in effect, medical device manufacturers have legitimate concerns about meeting deadlines and transitioning to new rules. Learn everything you need to know about evolving EU regulations and steps you can take to align with key requirements.

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