Enterprise Collaboration Software

MasterControl Enterprise Collaboration Software is all about helping your collaboration processes with employees across the enterprise. Interacting, sharing ideas and collaborating on shared projects has never been easier.

Cliched as it may sound, with the emergence of the Internet the world indeed has shrunk to become a global village where users are able to communicate freely with the help of groupware support systems. Interestingly enough, this has brought a whole new horizon for companies to expand their business by developing business centers across the world. Now a manager residing in a New York branch office can easily communicate with an off-site team residing in Tokyo without feeling the stretch of distance between them. MasterControl's enterprise collaboration software system helps you easily collaborate on documents with anyone in your organization.

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Enterprise Collaboration Software Enables Communication

MasterControl's enterprise collaboration software is all about empowering you to communicate and exchange ideas with your co-workers. The software is installed as an online application through which the users are connected. This helps in keeping everyone on the same page in respect to the documents and common data files available. The centralized and secure repository helps in allowing users to gain access to important documents without any outside intervention. As a rule, only the distributed workgroup members are allowed access to this repository. Additionally, only authorized users are allowed to edit or modify the documents. Documents can be placed in collaboration so that multiple people can review and update the file. Only one user at a time is allowed to check out a document and make changes. Once an update is made to the file, other users can then review and make additional changes if necessary before the document is finalized and approved.

Enterprise Collaboration Software Controls Updates

MasterControl's enterprise collaboration software keeps track of the number of revisions a document goes through and every time an authorized user updates any document, its version is updated. This helps in figuring out how many times the document has been updated. The software also has multiple options for change control, allowing you to track updates made to the documents. As the document can be routed to users based on different locations, the reviewer can see the tracked changes and make necessary modifications as desired.

Automatic Routing and Escalation with Enterprise Collaboration Software

With MasterControl's enterprise collaboration software you can be assured that document reviews are carried out by various department members. As there is a need of constant routing of documents from one department to another, there is also a chance that there may be a delay from one department manager who may take more time in reviewing documents. In case the manager is not able to review the document on time, the document approval stays pending. This scenario causes delay in approving the document. MasterControl's enterprise collaboration software helps by escalating these documents to the next manager in line. This ensures that the documents are approved with limited delays.

Training Management with Enterprise Collaboration Software

MasterControl's enterprise collaboration software provides you with an online repository that contains all company procedures, processes and other relevant data. MasterControl's training management module interfaces with the collaboration software, allowing you to automate employee training tasks, so you can automatically deliver training tasks, grade online exams, and provide the analytics and reporting features that are valuable for continued improvement.

It is important for any business to learn the ins and outs of the market. You want to be well informed of the strategies employed by your competitors. You also want to know weak areas of your business so you can learn how to improve in those areas. MasterControl's enterprise collaboration software has features that enable you to generate several kinds of reports in different formats. These reports help you in identifying your strengths and weaknesses. You can analyze various trends in the market and form plans to better your business.

Enterprise Collaboration Software Summary

With MasterControl's enterprise collaboration software you can easily collaborate with employees across your organization. You can easily and effectively communicate and exchange ideas on a secure platform where you create documentation that correctly reflects your business procedures while providing you a secure platform for training. They system also helps you ensure that all company staff members are following proper procedures so you can expand your business and gain a competitive advantage in the industry.

For More Information on Enterprise Collaboration Software

To learn more about MasterControl's Enterprise collaboration software, call 1.800.825.9117 or contact a MasterControl representative.