Performance Management Training

When you hear the words 'performance management training,' what do you think of? The truth is that many people automatically think of employee training, which is an important part of performance management training. However, performance management training in reality is much more.

Performance management training can consist of process management training, organizational restructures, interpersonal training across departments and general employee training (including elearning). Any type of performance management training when organized well ends itself well to automation. MasterControl, Inc. provides advanced, web-based training software in conjunction with its QMS software solution; these solutions fully automate and streamline training and quality processes as well as communication/audit trails and any type of performance management training.

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Performance Management Training is for Everyone

Performance management training isn’t just for executives or new hires. When used as a best practice, it applies to all employees in an organization, whether public, private or governmental. The United States Office of Personnel Management says “The singular function of training within performance management is to help facilitate change. Training facilitates capability building of individuals, which in turn can bring about the desired change an agency is seeking at the individual level and, subsequently at the organizational level.”

There is an old adage that states “organizations don’t change; people change and then they change the organization.” Performance management training helps people understand what the required change is about, how they will benefit, and how they can be successful. This kind of effort requires extensive communication and coordination on multiple levels. This is where an electronic solution excels.

MasterControl Performance Management Training

The MasterControl performance management training solution automates performance management training by streamlining the assignment of training tasks and automating follow-ups. A consistent audit trail is always at work so that training managers know who has completed their required training tasks. MasterControl Training can also automatically grade online exams that can be designed for the unique needs of any company and especially for those companies that are regulated. The performance management training solution is also web-based which means that any training information can be accessed by approved users from virtually anywhere. MasterControl Training can also be integrated with QMS solutions. The resolution of a CAPA for example can automatically trigger a change (e.g, and engineering change or an SOP change) which can in turn automatically trigger related training such as the SOP training that is often required when an SOP is altered or revised.

For More Information on Performance Management Training

For more information in regard to MasterControl performance management training and the MasterControl QMS software solutions, please feel free to contact a MasterControl representative.