Knowledge Management Training

The Importance of Knowledge Management Training

Companies consider their employees an “asset,” and their cumulative experience and expertise constitute an invaluable long-term asset. The concept of knowledge management refers to a company’s efforts to organize this cumulative experience, expertise, and knowledge holistically. It’s important for every company to systematically disseminate this invaluable resource through effective knowledge management training.

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Knowledge Management Training in Life Science Industry

Effective knowledge management training is particularly critical to life science companies, which are highly regulated. Life science companies develop and manufacture cutting-edge products that entail complex processes and highly specialized knowledge. In addition, they have to ensure that their processes comply with regulations. Transferring and managing knowledge within these organizations require an effective and efficient knowledge management training process.

For pharmaceutical, medical device, and blood and biologics companies, knowledge management training must cover training on CGMP principles, guidances, and regulations. For example, FDA regulations call for employees of organizations under the agency’s jurisdiction to have the appropriate qualifications and competency to perform their jobs effectively. This includes CGMP training on a continuing or periodic basis.

Knowledge Management Training in General Manufacturing Industry

For general manufacturing companies that adhere to ISO quality standards, knowledge management training must help demonstrate personnel competency and employees’ understanding of GMP principles and standards as they apply to their jobs.

For example, both ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 call for a training control process that will help ensure that employees’ training needs are periodically assessed and addressed. These standards also call for maintenance of training records for each employee. ISO-compliant manufacturers should aim for a knowledge management training process that covers these basic requirements.

Using MasterControl for Effective Knowledge Management Training

MasterControl Training is a robust software solution that can greatly facilitate and effectively implement a company’s knowledge management training process. It can automate any paper-based or hybrid training management process for greater efficiency and to help ensure regulatory compliance. Here are some of MasterControl Training’s benefits and advantages:

Increase Overall Efficiency:

MasterControl will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your knowledge management training process by automating basic tasks that your users must perform regularly such as routing and delivery, notification, escalation, and approval of training tasks. Exams and grading can also be performed online. MasterControl is web-based, which means your users will have access to their training tasks from virtually anywhere at any time.

Connect Training with Other Quality Processes:

With MasterControl, your knowledge management training process can be connected with other critical quality processes, such as document control, CAPA, change control, and audit management. For compliance purposes, connectivity means training and other quality issues will be addressed in a timely manner and will not fall through the cracks.

Increase Training Oversight:

MasterControl provides tools that will increase your oversight of the training process. MasterControl has robust analytics and reporting capabilities that will allow you to monitor your knowledge management training process and keep track of employees who have not completed training tasks or those who need re-training.

Provide Users with Mobile Access:

With MasterControl, a user can perform training tasks using a tablet or a smartphone. This capability can be particularly helpful for users who are out in the field or those who don’t routinely use a computer in their work but still need to perform training tasks. Mobile access can help extend your knowledge management training process to a wider user base regardless of location.

For More Information on MasterControl Software

To learn more about MasterControl’s quality and compliance software, contact a MasterControl representative.