Oil, Gas & Mining Training Software

Automated Oil, Gas & Mining Training Software Helps Energy and Resource Companies Achieve BSEE Compliance.

In industries where the risk of exposure is connected to human life, environmental pollution, or the destruction of costly material assets, companies must be able to demonstrate a comprehensive safety and environmental management system (SEMS), as mandated by the Bureau of Safety & Environmental Enforcement (BSEE), the chief enforcement agency over the offshore oil and gas industry. Because one of the most critical components of a SEMS is employee competency management, organizations under BSEE governance can benefit greatly by implementing automated oil, gas & mining training software.

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High-level Benefits of MasterControl’s Oil, Gas & Mining Training Software

A company’s ability to assure regulatory authorities that its employees and third-party suppliers are properly trained is paramount to achieving compliance, but demonstrating competency can be a complex, costly, and time-consuming endeavor. Oil, gas & mining training software like MasterControl Training™ helps energy and resource leaders ensure compliance with BSEE requirements by streamlining and strengthening the entire training control process. Improved quality and efficiency, as well as reduced risks and costs, are just a few of the advantages to be gained by implementing an automated oil, gas & mining training system. Let’s explore the top three benefits in more detail.

  • Saves Time: The amount of time saved by automating training processes and procedures is substantial. An electronic oil, gas & mining training software system like MasterControl Training™ automates all phases of training management by automatically delivering training tasks, grading online exams, integrating with quality processes, and providing the analytics and reporting features that lead to improved efficiency and compliance, and ultimately impact the bottom line.
  • Saves Money: Unlike other oil, gas & mining training systems on the market, MasterControl is highly configurable. The MasterControl oil, gas & mining training software system allows an organization to manage all of its training records, as well as its related training tasks, from one centralized system. In addition, training can be integrated with other compliance management functions such as risk and audit. This level of consolidation not only reduces costs, it also improves compliance by making it easy to search and retrieve training records and other important documents during a compliance inspection or customer audit.
  • Improves Visibility: Because the MasterControl oil, gas & mining training system is flexible and powerful enough to support thousands of global users, everyone throughout an organization—regardless of department or geographical location—can glean a bird’s eye view of the organization’s competency management program. Making employee training records accessible and visible enterprise-wide allows the human resource department or members of the quality team to stay one step ahead of the organization’s overall compliance goals.

Features and Capabilities That Set MasterControl’s Oil, Gas & Mining Training Software Apart

Successful competency management requires powerful verification and reporting tools that can be accessed enterprise-wide. Unfortunately, most oil, gas & mining training systems on the market barely scratch the surface in terms of the features and functionality needed to ensure close-looped employee training management. Fortunately, MasterControl’s oil, gas & mining training software is a comprehensive, integrated solution designed to automate and effectively manage the entire training process—from start to finish. Some standout features include:

  • Advanced Dual Tracking Option: MasterControl’s oil, gas & mining training system has the capability to track training tasks either by history or status. The history tracking feature allows the user to review the entire revision or approval history of a training document. The status tracking feature is equally useful; a document will show as either “in process” or “complete” when the status tracking feature is selected. Few oil, gas & mining training software systems offer this advanced dual tracking option.
  • Continuous Compliance Automation: Because MasterControl automates every facet of the employee training process, it helps companies attain “continuous compliance.” Specifically, the MasterControl oil, gas & mining training system automates the assignment, monitoring, and verification of training tasks. At the user-level, trainees are able to glean a comprehensive picture of their training records by accessing a personal folder that houses past, present, and future training tasks. At the manager-level, supervisors are able to quickly obtain a picture of the status of the organization’s entire employee training program.
  • Robust Analytics and Reporting: Oil, gas & mining training software that does not provide robust analytics and reporting capabilities will not be able to meet the extensive requirements imposed upon companies in oil & gas, mining, and other industrial sectors. Realizing this, MasterControl’s oil, gas & mining training system was designed with superior analytics/reporting as a focal point. With the capability to provide both standard and customized reports to show the status of a training program, as well the ability to track and depict training deficiencies that can jeopardize compliance, the MasterControl solution’s analytics/reporting capabilities are unparalleled.
  • Optional Training Verification: Proper verification is key to the success of any oil, gas & mining training software solution. However, supervisors, who typically act as verifiers, can easily become overwhelmed and fall behind in their verification duties. MasterControl’s oil, gas & mining training system can reduce the verification burden placed on supervisors by enabling training tasks to be configured to bypass basic courses that do not require verification. Furthermore, the MasterControl’s training solution can facilitate more timely verification by assigning and sending the verification task or “course verifier” role to multiple users. If a certain supervisor is unavailable to verify a training task, another verifier is authorized to do it, thus keeping the verification process moving along quickly and efficiently.

Additional Benefits of MasterControl’s Oil, Gas & Mining Training Software

To ensure BSEE/SEMS compliance, an organization’s quality, risk, and human resource professionals must be able to prove that employees are sufficiently trained to perform their jobs in accordance with established procedures and regulations. An automated oil, gas & mining training software solution like MasterControl Training provides the systemic assignment, tracking, and follow-up tools needed to demonstrate training competency. MasterControl offers its users the features and benefits of best-of-breed oil, gas & mining training systems such as:

  • Flexible and Easy-to-Use: Regardless of how powerful a training tool is, if it is difficult to use, employee adaption will be slow. MasterControl’s oil, gas & mining training software solution was designed with ease of use in mind. The solution was also designed to integrate seamlessly with existing document repositories and enterprise applications, such as ERP and LIMS, without expensive custom coding.
  • Rapid ROI: Due to its flexibility and ease of use, which allows for rapid deployment, the MasterControl oil, gas & mining training system helps organizations realize software return on investment (ROI) faster. Our out-of-the box oil, gas & mining training software features predefined security roles, workflows, reports, dashboards, and other content that can be configured to meet specific end-user requirements.
  • Mobile Capabilities: Training doesn’t have to stop when an employee is off-site or unable to access his or her computer. Like other best-in-class oil, gas & mining training systems, MasterControl Training empowers those in the field or away from company headquarters to access vital training documents, pending tasks, and information from their smart phone and tablets using MasterControl Mobile.™ An integrated component of the MasterControl quality suite, MasterControl Mobile has been specifically designed for the most popular devices that use iOs or Android.
  • Cloud or On-Premise: While most oil, gas & mining training software demands intensive IT management and maintenance, MasterControl is built on a platform that requires a very light IT touch. Essentially, the customer “provides the box,” and MasterControl handles the rest. For those prefer to forgo the large, upfront capital investment of an on-premise install, MasterControl offers a cloud-based QMS at subscription pricing. Furthermore, MasterControl’s private Cloud oil, gas & mining training system offerings have been helping regulated companies leverage the advantages of Cloud computing and maintain compliance since 2005.

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