6 Common Myths About Adopting a Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Debunking Common Myths About Manufacturing Execution Software (MES)

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The introduction of modern manufacturing solutions means that many of the common concerns about adopting manufacturing execution software today are more myth than fact. This industry brief dispels six common misconceptions of adopting a MES in life sciences manufacturing.

  • Critical differences between a traditional MES and a modern MES solution.
  • Why overcoming common MES adoption barriers will simplify digitisation in manufacturing.
  • How new shop floor technology provides smarter, faster, more affordable alternatives to legacy MES.
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Why Do You Need This?


Avoid Costly, Time-Consuming Implementation

Implement a modern MES solution quickly and without upfront hardware costs or a huge team of IT and external consultants draining resources.


Ensure Flexibility in All Areas of Production

Leverage a configurable MES solution that easily supports existing workflows, lets you easily adapt production processes, and can quickly scale up and out across production lines.


Get the Most Value From Your Investment

Once implemented, a modern MES solution can deliver inital ROI within months and achieve dramatic, sustainable operational improvements that drive long-term value.

Rethink what you know about manufacturing software.

A traditional MES isn’t the only path to a paperless shop floor. There’s a better way.

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