ISO 14000

Learn How 14000 (and ISO 14001) Improve Environmental Considerations during Manufacturing Processes

The ISO 14000 and ISO 14001 series was designed to incorporate environmental aspects into manufacturing operations and product quality standards. ISO 14000 and 14001 comprise the world's most recognized environmental management system framework. These standards are applicable to organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to multinational companies.

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Standards and Requirements of the ISO 14000 and 14001 Series

The above white paper lists the standards required by ISO 14000 and ISO 14001 series. It also discusses specific requirements and how MasterControl addresses them, including:

  • Storing and managing environmental policy;
  • Management of document control process;
  • Controlling nonconformance according to ISO 14000;
  • Managing implementation and reporting of corrective/preventive action (CAPA);
  • Documentation of management review of EMS;
  • Facilitates communication at various levels;
  • Managing training implementation and documentation; and
  • Maintaining an ISO 14000-compliant EMS.

The ISO 14000 Family

ISO 14000 consists of a family of standards that address various aspects of environmental management. The very first two standards, ISO 14001 2004 and ISO 14004 2004 deal with environmental management systems (EMS). ISO 14001 2004 provides the requirements for an EMS, and ISO 14004:2004 provides general EMS guidelines.

The other standards and guidelines in the family address specific environmental aspects, including labeling, performance evaluations, lifecycle analysis, and communication and auditing.

Benefits of ISO 14000

Some of the ways in which ISO 14000 benefits companies are listed below:

  • Reduces risk and liability with ISO 14000 compliance;
  • Improves overall environmental performance;
  • Increases efficiency, resulting in cost savings;
  • Reduces costs associated with emissions, discharges, waste handling, and disposal; and
  • Saves money by providing a safer workplace.

Other ISO Standards Relevant to ISO 14000

Because everything in ISO is connected with everything else, in addition to ISO 14000, standards you may want to be familiar with (and that MasterControl can help with) include: ISO 9000 in particular ISO 9001 2000 (this is a general quality management standard) ISO 13485 (which deals with medical device quality requirements for regulatory purposes); and ISO 14971 (which covers risk management standards for medical devices).

For More Information on ISO 14000

To learn more about MasterControl and how MasterControl solutions can streamline compliance with the standards of ISO 14000, please feel free to contact a MasterControl representative.