Pharmaceutical Lead Refinement Process

Software to Automate Pharmaceutical Lead Refinement Processes to Improve Product Development and Accelerate Time to Market

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Scientists and researchers develop new chemical and biologic entities through a lengthy process of trial and error. Knowledge, experience and the data that come from this process can enhance new products, pipelines, and therapeutic area franchise opportunities. Collaboration and review enhances the team’s ability to develop chemical and biologic formulations efficiently and effectively, but meetings and data review can also take a great deal of time away from moving new compounds forward. The leads that are selected as candidates are further researched for relevance; both scientifically and fiscally. Decision making on the advancement of lead development involve a cross-functional team of research development, manufacturing, and business analysis, which generate reports and scenarios for senior management. The scientific study done in the lead refinement process zbecome both new patents for the company and the IND filing with the FDA; critical processes that must be complete and accurate.

How Can MasterControl Help Automate Your Lead Refinement Process?

MasterControl can help companies meet milestones, while maintaining document accuracy through software solutions developed specifically for the life science industry. Cross-functional teams can share data, while allowing workflow processes to be heightened based on the ability to move forward without interruption and informed accuracy.

MasterControl automates pharmaceutical GxP processes to improve efficiency and speed time to market. Processes include: