Proven QMS Solutions for Companies of Every Size

Life science and other regulated companies have been depending on MasterControl to improve their quality systems since 1992. We know the unique demands of highly regulated industries, but we also understand that one size does not fit all. That is why we provide quality management system (QMS) solutions to suit any regulated organization's quality needs, no matter their size.

MasterControl delivers the flexibility and scalability necessary to support change and growth for companies of all sizes, from large enterprises to small startups. Because it is Web-based, MasterControl can support an organization with nationwide or worldwide operations, and its scalable infrastructure makes it easy to add more users and increase storage as business needs grow or change.

Today, more than 1,000 regulated companies of all sizes use MasterControl’s QMS solutions to achieve superior quality and reduce overall costs.

Enterprise Business

Many large businesses manage a variety of systems that are disconnected and costly to maintain. MasterControl resolves this issue by automating, connecting and streamlining enterprises’ most complex processes in a single, connected system. MasterControl offers the flexibility and scalability to support processes and operations across the entire enterprise, including multiple business units and locations, no matter how wide their reach.

Why Large Businesses Choose MasterControl’s Quality Management Suite:

  • One Complete, Holistic Solution
  • Easy to Deploy and Validate
  • Scalable and IT-Friendly
  • Industry-Specific Expertise

MasterControl offers more deployment flexibility and licensing options than any other QMS vendor, meaning there is sure to be a licensing option that makes sense for any large business today, with the ability to change course tomorrow.

Small Business

1-50 Employees

Designed to fit the unique requirements of small businesses at a lower cost, MasterControl’s Spark product package delivers the same world-class MasterControl software used by some of the largest life science companies today. Spark software is hosted, so there’s no need for a dedicated server or onsite IT person, and it comes complete with an education, services and implementation offering.

Why Small Businesses Choose MasterControl’s Spark Product Package:

  • Unique Set of Pre-Built Configurations
  • Access to World-Class Online Training
  • Seamless Upgrades Maintained by Us
  • Comprehensive Validation Package

Because Spark is built on the same software our enterprise-size customers run, there’s never a need for migration or a change of product. Small businesses simply purchase any additional licenses and modules needed as the company grows.