Document Control Solution

MasterControl's Document Control Solution Ensures that Regulated Companies can Maintain Compliance and Keep Quality Processes Connected

In regulated environments, document control is the foundation of achieving and maintaining quality and compliance. Compliance with regulatory standards, while demanding, is not a single event, however. It is a process-an ongoing progression that is much easier and less costly to manage when you have the right document control solutions in place. The experts at MasterControl offer an automated document control solution that goes beyond software to help companies that do business in regulated environments maintain compliance, preserve cross-departmental connectivity, and ingrain appropriate quality standards throughout the organization.

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MasterControl's Document Control Solution

When document control is effectual and seamlessly intertwined with other quality processes, compliance and overall product improvement are continually promoted. MasterControl's document control solution automates and effectively manages the document control process to help ensure compliance with FDA regulations, ISO quality standards, or other similar regulatory requirements. Not only does the MasterControl document control system offer robust document management software, but it also provides the appropriate tools and services necessary for successful implementation and validation of the system.

With MasterControl, your company is guaranteed to get:

  • An efficient document control solution: MasterControl gives users a centralized, secure repository that makes the search and retrieval of documents easy during inspections and audits. MasterControl's solution automates the routing, delivery, escalation, and approval of documents. It can also handle all types of documents regardless of the application used to create them.
  • Enhanced lifecycles: MasterControl's software allows for multiple lifecycle statuses, timed lifecycle movement, and flexible approval rules. Companies are able to model their product lifecycle within the system and simplify routes and workflows.
  • Connected quality processes: The MasterControl document control solution connects all quality sub-systems such as CAPA, change management, audit, nonconformances, and training. For example, any CAPA that results in a document change will automatically trigger a training task once the change is approved. MasterControl is Web-based so documents are accessible to all authorized users from anywhere they can connect to the internet.
  • Increased process transparency: The advanced analytics and reporting features that come built in to the MasterControl document control solution include customizable reports and online charting. Through the reports, managers can have a real-time view of all quality processes and can be more proactive about improving the quality system.

Compliant Document Control Solution

The first document control solution to specifically address compliance with 21 CFR Part 11, the industry-leading MasterControl document control software also addresses critical quality processes such as design control, change control, training management, corrective and preventive actions (CAPA), complaints handling, audit management, and more.

Upstart companies with smaller scale document control solution needs may be more interested in MasterControl's GCPDocs Spark or GCPDocs solutions. These lean software solutions provide the same core features of the MasterControl suite while offering the potential for upgrade and add-on capabilities as the customer's organization flourishes.

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