Change Control Configuration

Improve Change Control Configuration Management Processes with MasterControl Software

The term change control configuration refers to the technical and administrative procedures and surveillance of change control. Given the multitude of ongoing processes that are involved in a document change (i.e., to design specs, formulations, and SOPs, as well as specifications for raw materials, equipment, etc.), effective change control configuration procedures are indispensable.

In regulated or ISO companies, the change control configuration should help assure product quality and safety. In companies where this happens, productivity is greatly increased.

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MasterControl Change Control Configuration Software Bridges Communication Gaps

Configuring change control processes can be cumbersome, especially when it involves a number of procedures, departments, and employees working together. Lack of collaboration between various entities can cause disharmony, miscommunication, and an inevitable failure in successfully implementing a change. This breakdown in communication is a common cause of bottlenecks in change control configuration in quality control departments. A healthy change control process ensures that the translation of change is systematized. For this very reason, MasterControl change control configuration software is designed to facilitate cross-department communication that ultimately leads to better planning of changes in procedures.

MasterControl change control configuration software allows management to devise a concrete plan of change from start to finish so that proper attention and detail is provided during each stage of the change control configuration process.

MasterControl Change Control Configuration Software Ensures Documents Are Accurately Tracked

Changes to existing sets of procedures are heavily dependent on the documentation, which is why management pays close attention to the accurate documentation of a change. As a company grows, the data pertaining to procedures also increases. In such situations, it is difficult to keep track of ECNs (engineering change notices) and ECRs (engineering change requirements). Any mishandling of such documents can lead to lack of assurance that a document or drawing in active use is the latest version. As employees across the enterprise are relying on these documents for carrying out current procedures, any risk of using an outdated document version can lead to loss of revenue and/or noncompliance with regulatory policies.

The MasterControl change control configuration application ensures that companies are able to configure system change by employing best business practices. All changes to important documents such as ECNs and ECRs are accurately tracked which also facilitates the collaboration between team members for document creation, updates, and approval. Top level management can timestamp the documents that may be locked out during the editing process so that other users are aware that the documents are being updated. With MasterControl it's always clear which document version is the latest.

MasterControl Change Control Configuration Software Ensures Employees' Accountability

Micro-managing employees and their tasks is difficult and often unnecessary. As the size of the company grows, management cannot personally monitor all employees and guarantee that the tasks assigned to them are being completed on time. In such scenarios, employee accountability can be hard to measure. MasterControl change control configuration software enables tasks to be assigned via email notifications. The system automatically assigns employees tasks that will be escalated if they are not completed in time. Similarly, completion of tasks can be made dependent on other tasks so that if one task is closed, its "child" tasks are automatically closed.

Therefore, managers can take advantage of integrated task tracking, which increases accountability expectations among employees.

For More Information on Change Control Configuration

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