Aerospace & Automotive Audit Management Software Systems

Aerospace & Automotive Audit Management Software Automates Processes Associated with an Aerospace Audit according to ISO / AS 9000 and ISO 14000 Quality Standards with Audit and Process Management Software

With utmost importance on compliance, companies in the aerospace and automotive industry find it challenging to adhere to regulatory quality policies. The difference lies in how quality is managed in manufacturing products that are monitored through timely audits. To ensure that your company is at the top its game, MasterControl Aerospace and Automotive Audit Software enables customers to automate and manage the audit process in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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How can MasterControl's Aerospace and Automotive Audit Management Software Systems Benefit You?

As already explained, MasterControl aerospace and automotive audit management software can help aerospace and defense manufacturers and contractors attain and maintain compliance by automating, streamlining, and effectively managing audit processes. Listed below are some of the major challenges of both performance and compliance audits addressed by MasterControl Audit.

Proficient Audit Tracking with MasterControl Aerospace and Automotive Audit Management Software

The line of work that manufacturers and contractors of the aerospace & defense industry cater to is obvious. Most of the equipment manufactured is functional in real-time, which means that companies must adhere to certain protocols and standards during manufacturing and testing phases. Any instance of compromise can cause severe repercussions. Companies rely on electronic quality audit systems to conduct audits on a recurring basis that are pre-scheduled as per business requirements. With MasterControl aerospace and automotive audit management software, auditors are able to track audit findings, relative corrective/preventive actions (CAPAs), and re-audit without any hassle. As the software provides a centralized online repository, this makes the searching and retrieval of documents easy for authorized users. Auditors can control every step of the audit process using MasterControl’s advanced tracking capabilities. Best-practice forms track basic information about an audit (for example, its scope, audit checklists, audit team, audit status, etc.) and information for each finding. It can also be integrated with the CAPA process to track related CAPAs.

MasterControl Aerospace and Automotive Audit Management Software Offers Automated Scheduling and Follow-up

The heart of the audit process lies in scheduling. Since audits are repeated frequently as per business requirements, it becomes a cumbersome task to plan audits, especially when that planning is done manually. As multiple audits are executed on different cycles, it gets extremely difficult for management to manually plan out scheduling. With MasterControl aerospace & automotive audit management software, managers can schedule audits through the automated scheduling feature which altogether removes the risk of overlooking audit-related activities. Users can plan and schedule tasks well in advance so that processes and tasks are executed in an organized, well-planned manner.

The basic intent of any company is to provide a collaborative platform through which communication between people is transparent. , Many companies still rely on email and phone for assigning and following up on various audit-related tasks. These methods, however, don’t provide a necessary edge in automating the assignment of tasks. MasterControl's aerospace and automotive audit management systems automate the entire process of task assignment and follow-up through email. It also provides management with the facility of escalation if a task remains pending or is incomplete by the assigned deadline.

360 Degree View of Business Areas with MasterControl's Aerospace and Automotive Audit Management Systems

Management requires detailed insight into how their company is faring in the market. Disparate tools such as electronic spreadsheets, flowcharting software, and paper documents stored in binders are used to draw out conclusions about different process areas. These tools may be able to help management outline the company’s strengths and weaknesses but they lack the power to present an in-depth foresight about the company’s present standing and future potential for growth. With MasterControl’s aerospace & automotive audit management software, management is able to get a real-time view of the processes involved in an audit, and can therefore be more proactive about improving their overall quality system. The advanced analytics and reporting capabilities provided by MasterControl allows companies to create a direction for driving the business in a positive direction.

Features of Aerospace and Automotive Audit Management Software Systems

MasterControl's aerospace and automotive audit management software is a complete and robust solution that integrates the different steps necessary for a successful audit. Companies can prepare, schedule, and execute audits, as well as verify findings, before reaching the completion of the audit. Because of its availability online, auditors and other authorized users can access the software from virtually anywhere.

In order to efficiently streamline process workflows, MasterControl provides two important forms to help collect and track data throughout the audit process. The Audit Summary form allows companies to plan and prepare for any type of audit including internal, external, or consumer. As basic information is tracked, it also allows a variety of information to be gathered that serves as the basis for the audit, audit agenda, audit team members, and checklists. The Audit Finding form, as the name suggests, tracks all the findings resulting from the aerospace & automotive audit. Risk management is integrated with the form so that auditors can view an entire section for evaluating risks and associated data such as: risk category, severity, risk of recurrence, and whether or not a CAPA is required. It also ensures proper closure by tracking the verification of the process owner's response to the finding. Moreover, additional forms can be configured based on a company's unique needs in its business environment.

Connected Quality Processes in Aerospace and Automotive Audit Management Systems

Modern trends in business have brought the concept of collaboration to the forefront. This implies that processes and people within the system must be tightly coupled so that effective communication between multiple parties is possible. MasterControl recognizes this need and provides the necessary communication tools between functioning subsystems so that users can launch a CAPA form directly from an Audit Finding form. Apart from streamlining processes, MasterControl aerospace & automotive audit management software also maintains the links so authorized users can review a completed process and easily see what triggered that process. Data entry is reduced as pertinent information from the Audit Finding form is automatically entered into the CAPA form. It also shows the history of the entire process, which can be easily recalled and reported upon.

Aerospace and Automotive Audit Management Software System Reporting Tools

Users can generate the following reports through MasterControl's aerospace and automotive audit management system's advanced reporting tools, which are also customizable as per business requirements:

  • Audit Summary - Gives a concise view of all the in-process audits and their status, as well as future audits.
  • Audit Detail - Gives a detailed view of the audit findings, including related CAPAs.
  • Findings by Root Cause - MasterControl's aerospace and automotive audit management system is capable of identifying the causes of the issues from its roots.
  • Audits by Standards - Lists audits categorized by standard (i.e., ISO 9001:2000, Sec. 8.2.2) or by regulation (i.e., FDA GMP Part 820.22).
  • Audits by Auditor - Lists audits categorized by the auditors conducting them.
  • Open Findings - Lists open findings categorized by owners.

Explorers with Virtual Folders in the Aerospace and Automotive Audit Management Software

MasterControl’s aerospace and automotive audit management software consists of Explorers, a built in, easy-to-use component of the solution. An Explorer is very similar to Windows Explorer and can dynamically group audits by area, location, or standard/regulation. With this handy tool, users can find and access documents quickly. The creation of virtual folders within an Explorer can be utilized to automatically retrieve documents based on pre-defined queries.

Sustained Compliance with Aerospace and Automotive Audit Management Systems

The most judicious means of assessing compliance is to gauge the overall quality of the audit system. An effective quality audit system indicates general compliance within a particular business setting. MasterControl's aerospace & automotive audit management system not only helps you attain FDA and ISO compliance, but also to sustain it. This is achieved by streamlining audit processes so that efficiency spreads throughout the enterprise without incurring high costs for sustaining compliance. A quality system evolves with changes in the size of a company and any enhancements to the company’s products and operations. With MasterControl, you can always count on a partner that will support your compliance efforts over the long haul and help you to reach top of the business ladder.

More Information on Aerospace and Automotive Audit Management Software Systems

For more information about the processes involved in an aerospace or automotive audit, please feel free to contact a MasterControl representative.