Training Management Software Systems

Training management software systems can assure and document the competence of all employees in a regulated or ISO-compliant company.

As products and services evolve, companies must rely on training management software systems to sustain compliance. To be effective, a training management system must offer the benefits discussed below.

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MasterControl Simplifies Hassles of Training with Fully Automated Training Management Software

The core competency of any company lies in its capacity to incorporate necessary changes effectively across the enterprise. Paper-based or legacy systems are limited in this regard as they are unable to immediately publish the latest procedures or changes within processes to users who span across various locations around the globe. Internet connectivity advancements have now made it possible to connect users through an authenticated platform allowing training management software solutions to ensure that changes are properly communicated to everyone on board.

MasterControl training management software is an integrated solution that automates the entire training program for companies that need to keep personnel continually updated on the latest policies and procedures. The primary emphasis of the MasterControl solution is to maximize connectivity so that all users are able to participate equally in the training process according to their job requirements. The MasterControl Documents™ module connects users to approved documents that are readily available through virtual vaults. Users can easily access these documents and search for and retrieve vital data without any difficulty. Once uploaded to MasterControl's central, secure repository, these documents can provide the fundamental content that serves as the basis for various types of training programs. Companies don't need to spend extensive capital on outsourcing training programs since MasterControl's knowledge bank provides updated documentation for carrying out in-house trainings.

MasterControl Training Management Systems Facilitate the Development of Compliant Training Programs

Companies doing business in regulated environments need to align their business processes with FDA, ISO and CGxP guidelines. So, when it comes to training users they also need to ensure that their training programs are also compliant, as users will be performing their tasks in accordance with what they are taught. This is why it is important to develop a user education program that is integrated with all quality systems. With MasterControl, the training management software system can be easily integrated with other quality processes such as customer complaints, deviance, non-conformance, and CAPA. This ultimately allows companies to conduct meticulous internal audits, identify the core issues and root causes, and resolve them internally before regulatory reviews even take place. The ultimate goal of successfully passing an audit is achieved, which helps companies attain and sustain compliance.

MasterControl training management software systems are fully capable of providing a complete training platform for companies of any size. Since the training system is integrated with MasterControl Documents, any change to a document can be set to automatically trigger a new training for affected users. Companies can even gauge the level of understanding for users after training has been given with the help of online graded exams. Also, the sequence of training courses is easily maintained so that management is able to address all concerns, from the most minute to standard operating procedures that affect the entire enterprise.

To Learn More on Training Management Software Systems

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