Automotive & Aerospace Training Software Systems

Automotive & Aerospace Training Software Systems Help in Automating ISO / TS 9001:2000 6.2 Training Control and Tracking Processes for Auto Manufacturers and Suppliers

ISO 9001:2000 (6.2) requires automotive companies to ensure that their employees have the right experience, education, training, and skills to do their work. TS 16949, quality standards which outlines specific requirements for the application of ISO 9001:2000 to the automotive industry, requires documented procedures and an automotive and aerospace training software for identifying training needs and achieving personnel competency. Many automotive manufacturers also adhere to ISO 14000, which incorporates environmental aspects into a company's operations and product standards. ISO 14001 (4.4) requires companies to establish awareness and automotive and aerospace training systems to ensure that people whose jobs could potentially have an environmental impact are competent.

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ISO training requirements necessitate effective training control - the process of tracking, follow-up, documenting, and verifying training and managing the training program. As such, training control is a critical part of conformance to ISO standards which can be complied with the implementation of automotive and aerospace training systems.

How can MasterControl Automotive and Aerospace Training Software Benefit Aerospace and Defense Manufacturers?

MasterControl's automotive and aerospace training software is a robust, easy-to-use solution designed to effectively manage the training process and integrate it with other processes critical to ISO conformance such as CAPA, change control, audit, and customer complaints. Here are some of its robust features to help ensure your automotive training management system is always Compliant, Connected, and Complete:

Compliant Automotive and Aerospace Training Systems

Sustained Compliance: MasterControl's automotive and aerospace training systems not only helps ensure compliance with TS and ISO training requirements, but helps sustain it by strengthening the training control process, promoting efficiency, and keeping training documentation always ready for QS / TS and ISO audits.

  • Increases Efficiency for Sustained Compliance: Automates assignment, monitoring, and verification of training tasks. Users are automatically notified when they have new training tasks in a automotive and aerospace training system. A link points directly into the user's "My Task" box.
  • Proof of Competency: Automates grading of online exams, which you can use as proof of personnel competency.
  • Centralized Repository: All training records will be stored in a secure, centralized repository, making it easy to search and retrieve them during a compliance inspection or a customer audit.
  • Advanced Training Tracking: MasterControl's automotive and aerospace training systems track training tasks by status or history. A document will show as either "in process" or "complete" if tracked by status. The revision or approval history of documents can also be reviewed using the history feature.
  • Random Exam Questions:Courses that require an exam can be configured so there will be a pool of questions prepared in advance from which the exam can pull questions randomly. This will ensure that a user who has failed the exam will not get the same questions in the same order during his/her second try.
  • Optional Training Verification:For basic courses that don't require verification, an automotive and aerospace training system offers training tasks to be configured to bypass it, greatly streamlining the process and reducing the burden on supervisors, who typically act as verifiers.
  • Document's Effectivity Tied to Training Completion: A course can be configured so that the associated document only becomes effective after all required trainees have completed the course.
  • More Timely Verification: Assigning a "course verifier" role allows sending the verification task to multiple users. When a certain supervisor is not available to verify a training task, another verifier can do it to ensure timely verification via automotive and aerospace training system.
  • Analytics and Reporting: MasterControl's advanced analytics and reporting capability in automotive and aerospace training system which provides standard and customized reports to show the status of a training program. The system tracks and shows any training deficiencies that might jeopardize compliance. MasterControl includes dashboard, drill-down, and scheduling capabilities.
  • Revision Control: MasterControl Training provides revision control to ensure that only current training courses are available.

Connected Automotive and Aerospace Training Software

Integrated Quality Management: MasterControl's automotive and aerospace training software integrates the training process with other quality processes for a holistic approach to quality management.

  • Easy Access: MasterControl automotive and aerospace training software is Web-based so it can connect trainees, trainers, verifiers, and the training coordinator regardless of location.
  • Integration of Training with CAPA: Seamlessly integrates with corrective and preventive action (CAPA) process for a more efficient and effective system. For example, a CAPA that causes a change in product design or function will invoke training tasks upon approval of the change.
  • Training Linked to Change Control: If there's any change in a document linked to a required course because of a revised SOP or policy, all affected trainees will immediately receive new training tasks through the automotive and aerospace training software.
  • Sequencing of Courses: Allows implementation of a progressive training program by sequencing training courses. Once a prerequisite is completed, the next course is automatically launched.
  • Streamlines Collaboration: Creating, revising, and approving training courses as a team is easier because MasterControl's automotive and aerospace training software provides a collaboration workspace that allows a user to see other people's input, avoiding duplication. A rejected document is automatically returned to the originator for a new task, so rejected packets don't languish in the system.
  • Integrates with Other Applications: The automotive and aerospace training software can integrate with other applications like Enterprise Resource Planning ERP, Laboratory Information Management System LIMS, accounting, and human resources applications to accommodate departmental needs.

Complete Automotive and Aerospace Training Systems

Enterprise-wide Product Application: MasterControl can meet every department's training control and other quality-related needs, making it an ideal enterprise-wide solution. And, MasterControl offers automotive and aerospace training system which is a robust software, plus the appropriate tools and services necessary for successful implementation and validation.

  • Continuous Validation: For FDA-regulated companies, MasterControl offers a "continuous validation" approach for effective automotive and aerospace training system that dramatically cuts the time, pain, and cost involved in validation. MasterControl's continuum of innovative products and services include MasterControl Transfer OQ and MasterControl Automated OQ.
  • Product Training: MasterControl's Professional Services team, consisting of former ISO auditors and system administrators, has developed a comprehensive automotive and aerospace training system that serves as a foundation for successful project implementation and helps companies realize software ROI faster. The team conducts training at MasterControl's state-of-the-art Training Center in Salt Lake City and also at customers' facilities.
  • Unmatched Technical Support: Choosing MasterControl means getting the necessary technical support to ensure project success. MasterControl offers the expertise, infrastructure, and flexibility to meet every customer's needs, from initial installation to regular maintenance.
  • Pre-Defined Workflow: Training courses on company-wide policies, SOPs, and other documents move along a pre-defined workflow, from one department to the next. Overdue tasks automatically escalate to a manager.
  • Group Sign-Off: MasterControl's automotive and aerospace training systems can handle training courses that involve the entire company or a big part of the organization. It provides a group sign-off feature for verifying training of large groups of employees.
  • Easy to Search: A standardized Google-like search window is available throughout the automotive and aerospace training software, which means all authorized users throughout the organization can search for tasks, training records, policies, and other documents using a familiar search interface.
  • Easy to Find: MasterControl's Explorer, similar to Windows Explorer, is an easy-to-use tool that helps users find and access documents quickly. Every department can maintain its own Explorers and documents within the automotive and aerospace training software which can be stored in multiple Explorers. System administrators can control and automatically update the documents through a dynamic link in the InfoCard.
  • Automation of Forms-Based Processes: Any forms-based process unique to a department (i.e., application forms for HR, customer satisfaction survey forms for Customer Service Department) can be automated. A department can keep the look and function of existing forms or create entirely new ones in the automotive and aerospace training systems.

For More Information on Automotive and Aerospace Training Software Systems

For more information about automotive and aerospace training software systems, please feel free to contact a MasterControl representative.