Training Application

A Training Application (Training Software) can Assure Proper Training and Training Documentation for ISO or Regulatory Approval.

In today's competitive marketplace, companies are relying less on training services and more on training software, or a training application, in order to attain and sustain compliance or meet ISO standards. For most companies, this involves e-learning for employee training.

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MasterControl's Training ApplicationProvides Cross-Communication and Increases Efficiency

The future of any company is dependent on constant evolution. As time passes, it is important to incorporate changes into a company’s existing set of procedures and processes. This ensures that the company can keep abreast with the latest trends and standards prevailing in the market and also guarantees customer satisfaction and retention. However, companies that are spread out among various geographical regions also need to have a better mechanism for communicating changes to procedures and processes across the enterprise. The repercussions of not being able to transfer change information to any particular branch can be devastating to the company’s budget and revenue. In addition, the subsequent lack of compliance may also have a negative effect on thes company’s valuable reputation. All these factors illustrate the importance of seamless and up-to-date communication that can only be achieved with the help of a training application like the one available from MasterControl.

The MasterControl training application automates the assignment and monitoring of training tasks, the grading of online exams, and the sequencing of training courses. Any change to a document or a process that requires new training automatically initiates new training tasks when a change is approved by an authorized supervisor.

Additionally, MasterControl’s training application works hand in hand with the MasterControl Documents software solution to enable companies to develop training- and compliance-related documentation. Vital data can be gathered and stored for reference in the MasterControl system for the benefit of stakeholders such as customers, vendors, employees, and any authenticated user from virtually anywhere. By providing a consistent and complete information portal that can be used for educating users about products, processes and procedures, the training application serves as a mainframe for current information.

Task and document routing is also simplified by the automated system. The quick document approval lifecycle accelerates the approval route so that a document is escalated for review to the next reviewer in line when necessary. These features ensure that the most recent and updated version of a document is always available for reference and training purposes.

Automated Training Applications vs. In-house Training Programs

Developing a profound know-how about company’s business and its processes is an essential for any employee. Without this knowledge, no one can be good at his or her job. Such a situation inevitably results in a deviation from the documented standard and may ultimately lead decision makers to make business choices that don’t comply with company policies or regulatory standards. To avoid such situations, companies often try to develop in-house training programs. But such programs typically aren’t as cost-effective as an automated training application. In addition, a training application is a fast, direct, and accurate way to educate users about ongoing processes and important business changes that may affect their daily jobs.

Training Users with the MasterControl Training Application

Communication is not just between people but also between processes that require current data in order to ensure that operations run smoothly. MasterControl’s training application is able to integrate quality processes change control, customer complaints, corrective/preventive action (CAPA), and audits for a completely connected approach to quality and compliance. Instead of multiple data entries that are subject to manual errors, crucial data may be stored in multiple forms pertaining to respective processes. The MasterControl training application helps connect all relevant processes and tracks pertinent data to provide the assurance that audits and reviews can be conducted and passed with ease.

Training Application Resource Center

Visit MasterControl's Resource Center to learn more about the training application that we offer. Here, you can also review current industry best practices, case studies, and FDA regulations and ISO standards. The Resource Center includes the following educational and resource materials:

  • Data sheets on all MasterControl products and services
  • White papers about risk management training and other topics of interest related to training applications
  • Tech papers on a variety of subjects related to quality management
  • Q & As regarding the software for training control, and other topics of interest
  • Case studies on GMP training and the training process
  • Online demos of a variety of software

To Learn More on Training Applications

To learn more about training control in general and the training application from MasterControl in particular, please feel free to contact a to contact a MasterControl representative.