MasterControl HR Finance™ HR and Finance Business Process Management Software

Software System to Automate HR and Finance Business Processes

While managing multiple processes at multiple rates and in multiple directions, human resource professionals are likely to face complex issues that affect not only their respective HR departments but the health of their entire business organizations.

MasterControl Process™

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How Can MasterControl HR Finance Software Help You?

MasterControl helps automate the administrative processes that bottleneck the flow and timely completion of essential HR tasks. The MasterControl HR Finance solution automates the following processes:

  • New Employee Checklist Management
  • Employee Exit Checklist Management
  • PTO Requests (i.e., vaction requests) Management
  • Purchase Order Fulfillment

These process automation tools allow MasterControl to resolve common challenges in the HR environment. The following HR challenges and corresponding solutions are addressed below in the following table.


MasterControl Solution

Paper-Based Form Management:

In the HR environment many processes are still managed primarily via paper-based processes. These processes include the manual routing of paper forms, hand-written signatures for the approval of forms and the archival of forms in filing cabinets or applications with little protection or version control. These processes easily lead to document loss, document pile-up, unnecessary manpower and hundreds of annual hours spent on the management of HR documentation.

HR Process Automation:

MasterControl HR Finance provides electronic HR forms that are pre-configured and automatically routed to participants/approvers. The solution also automates the delivery of notifications and follow-ups and proffers the ability to approve forms with electronic signatures.

In addition to a variety of automation capabilities, a full set of configurable standard reports are provided (there are a total of 11) and all reports can be customized via MasterControl Analytics.

Hybrid Form Management:

Most HR departments manage both data and processes with a mix-and-match conglomeration of applications (e.g., Word and Excel). These applications allow HR to “get by” but essentially deliver a manual process: documents are e-mailed; follow-ups occur by email, phone or in person; records are updated by hand; files are stored on a file server and are difficult to search, difficult to audit, and provide little version control capability.

Centralized Data and Functionality:

MasterControl HR forms are automatically routed to appropriate personnel and utilize a full set of built-in process management tools; forms en route can be located anytime, and can be escalated to supervisors if a response is not timely. Data is entered and stored in a centralized and accessible repository.

Communication Gaps:

Communication gaps are the major culprits in any business environment and for any business department. For an HR department it can be difficult to ensure that all tasks and HR-related forms are completed and returned to HR without a significant amount of HR hours being spent on these administrative endeavors.

Streamlined Control:

MasterControl HR Finance allows HR departments to track forms from start to finish and report on forms that have been completed and returned to the HR department. The ability to route these forms quickly without danger of form loss or destruction is also a boon to busy HR employees.

Requirements for Purchase MasterControl Process™ should be installed prior to the installation of HR Finance. All processes offered in this package will be launched from the Process platform.

Summary of Features MasterControl HR Finance features include the following:

  • Four configurable forms:New Employee Checklist, Employee Exit Checklist, Vacation Request, and Purchase Order forms;
  • Dynamic configuration itemsallow users to predefine roles and HR processes;
  • HR Groupsfeatures allow users to quickly add and remove approved users from HR working groups;
  • Users’ ability to participatein the HR/Finance processes managed through the following roles: HR Group, Help Desk, PTO, PO Employee Entry Manager, Employee Exit Manager and Admin User Groups;
  • When a form is launched an InfoCardis automatically created and provides the traceable meta-data required to search HR forms quickly and effectively;
  • Auto-generated request date,request originator and approving manager;
  • Ability to locate formsby searching on form data;
  • Automatic routingto appropriate personnel; ability of managers to add additional participants;
  • Electronic trackingof in-process and completed forms

Note: The MasterControl Process solution is the complementary solution to MasterControl HR Finance. Learn more about MasterControl Process by contacting a Regional Sales Representative.