MasterControl Guest Connect™

Software System to Involve External Parties in Your Processes

In the manufacturing world, the later suppliers and other external parties are involved in the design process, the more expensive manufacturing becomes. Manually notifying outside parties of changes to specifications can be a costly drain on resources - not to mention an often-overlooked hassle for personnel - that may lead to excessive and expensive reworking and retesting. At worst, poor communication between manufacturers and external parties may lead to months spent developing and testing a new product only to find it cannot feasibly be manufactured in volume.

MasterControl Guest Connect

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In the blood and biologics world provider organizations need to keep processors informed of changes to donor criteria or other critical processes. Ideally, processors should be able to participate directly in making changes while a process is already underway.

Outside of manufacturing, other departments such as Regulatory and Quality use outside consultants, medical writers, and other experts to help collaborate on and refine documents. These external parties also assist with project management and process refinement.

How can MasterControl Guest Connect™ Benefit You?

The MasterControl Guest Connect™ software solution allows companies to give practical interaction capabilities - notifications, task assignments, reports, etc. - to external parties such as suppliers, partners, consultants, or processors early in the development cycle without having to give them a full access account. Early involvement in document and specification creation that is provided by MasterControl's automated system can streamline a wide variety of processes.

Here's how MasterControl Guest Connect gives companies the capability to efficiently connect and collaborate with external organizations:


MasterControl Solutions

Manual, Ineffective Systems

Tens of thousands of dollars may be lost each time document control personnel forget to notify a vendor of a new revision to a part specification before the vendor begins working on a current part or a processor is not notified of a donor criteria change.

Centralized, Connected Electronic System

MasterControl reduces the possibility that a contract manufacturer is using an out-of-date specification. Users can automatically notify vendors and other external parties of document or specification changes as they are approved in MasterControl.

Inefficient Systems

Manually notifying suppliers and other external parties that a specification has changed wastes time and resources. The later suppliers or consultants are involved in the development process, the more costly manufacturing becomes.

Cost Effective System

MasterControl can provide external parties with rights to view collaborations, add comments, and redline documents. Outside vendors and consultants are involved earlier in the development cycle, thereby saving time and money.

Difficulty Tracking Project Status

With disconnected manual systems, external and internal groups may not be on the same page when working on specifications, documents, or tasks, which can lead to a painful amount of retesting or reworking.

Automated Tracking

MasterControl ensures that all parties are working with the most current specifications and documents and it allows all iterations to be electronically tracked. External parties can also be sent scheduled reports and electronically assigned to project tasks.

Guest Connect Software System - Features and Benefits

  • Connected System: MasterControl Guest Connect makes it possible to involve vendors and outside experts early in the development cycle. Anyone with an e-mail address can be added to a secure, online collaboration workspace.
  • Automatic Notification and Task Assignment: MasterControl immediately sends electronic notification to vendors and other external parties when a new revision of a document or specification has been approved and made available. Project tasks can be assigned to vendors or outside experts. External parties are also able to report back to the project plan and provide a status.
  • Enhanced Communication: With MasterControl, vendors and consultants can retrieve product documentation on their own from a secure repository. MasterControl also ensures that vendors are not using outdated specifications.
  • Early Warning Triggers: The MasterControl system notifies partners and vendors of quality problems and trends. The system can be configured to send reports indicating quality trends to vendors according to specified frequencies. This feature quickly alerts partners as well as vendors to potential quality problems.
  • Secure Technology: MasterControl Guest Connect utilizes SSL, the same technology employed by banks and similarly secure institutions, to allow outside parties to access the system while still maintaining security.
  • Compliant System: MasterControl Guest Connect is an integrated system that is Part 11 compliant without any custom coding requirements.
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