MasterControl Document Collections™ Software

Keep the Approval and Revisions of Collected Documents in Sync

Do you ever needed to collect, review, and approve a bundle of documents but still treat them as a single unit? Now there is an efficient way to link a group of documents so that if one is revised, the group structure can be subject to re-approval.

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Simplify Configuration Management of a Collection of Documents

MasterControl Document Collections allows users to create documentation “bundles” in a folder structure and easily route them for collaboration and approval.

With MasterControl’s Document Collections software solution, a bundle of documentation can be approved while all of the contents are also approved at the same time. When a component item within a document collection is revised, the full bundle has a new revision or version, depending on system settings, and is then sent back to a “draft” vault.

  • Efficiency:Many companies lack the ability to link a group of documents in cases where one is revised and subsequently the entire group structure requires re-approval. MasterControl users have the ability to collect, review, and approve a bundle of documents as a single unit.
  • Input on Product Impact:Revising documents as a collection allows users to eliminate the headaches of trying to maintain continuity across multiple, disparate entities. MasterControl Document Collections makes it possible to effortlessly identify a change to a single document that may impact multiple collections.
  • “Virtual” Documents:All bundled documents can be configured to be reviewed and approved together within the MasterControl system. If a component document is versioned or revised, the entire group gets versioned/revised as well, thereby ensuring the consistency of the documentation.
  • Group Review and Approval:Many documents relating to a specific site, contractor, supplier, etc., must be considered and approved together. MasterControl makes it possible to unite documentation and avoid overload.

Functionality Features

  • Efficient Collaboration:Document collections can be placed in a collaboration within the MasterControl system so that all elements of the collection are edited together. The contents of the collection can still be edited within collaborations.
  • Linked Revisions:All components can be versioned or revised as a group. Multiple translations can be routed to ensure that edits are consistent and revisions are linked.
  • Unparalleled Document Connectivity:The simplest way to manage consultant, investigator, and supplier documents is to contain them in a single, centralized collection for review, collaboration, and approval. With MasterControl Document Collections, when any one document changes, the entire collection requires re-approval to ensure those changes are considered as part of the collection environment.
  • Multi-Language Capability:MasterControl allows users to work in seven different languages without worrying about keeping documents “in sync.”
  • Manufacturing Benefits:Device Master Records (DMRs) and their numerous configurations can be readily controlled and tracked throughout a product’s lifecycle. When documents in the DMR are frequently revised it is easy to find and review all of the various configurations of the DMR that have existed throughout a product’s lifecycle. Teams can also effectively track the configuration of the DMR that was in effect when a specific lot of product was produced.
  • Improved Access to Documents:MasterControl users can maintain access to a “released” version of the collection while the new revision is being created.
  • Single View Presentation:Collections can be published as a single PDF with configurable watermarks, security features, and signature manifests.

About MasterControl

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