MasterControl Analytics™

MasterControl Analytics™ is an easy-to-use software application that enables non-technical users to develop sophisticated, customized reports.

MasterControl Analytics provides a practical alternative to creating reports manually (for example, using spread sheets), or investing in costly third-party reporting software that requires specialized training or a programming background.

How can MasterControl help you?

MasterControl Analytics enables users to retrieve and analyze data within MasterControl. With MasterControl Analytics, any user can easily create a new report and customize it to meet their needs. Additionally, any report can be scheduled to execute on a regular basis. MasterControl automatically retrieves the appropriate data in real time, generates the report, and e-mails it as a PDF or Excel attachment to each designated user. With MasterControl Analytics, there is virtually no limit to the number of reports and report variations users can create.

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Non-automated tools for creating reports are time-consuming and labor-intensive. First, all of the data has to be gathered. Next, the data has to be manually input into the reporting tool (for example, a spreadsheet). Another drawback to non-automated tools is that they cannot report on data in real time.


With the MasterControl Analytics application, once the report template is created, the user’s work is done. Because the Analytics application is connected with the rest of the MasterControl system, data from other areas (for example, CAPA, Audit, Employee Training, etc.) are automatically retrieved, analyzed and reported on in real time.

Inefficient System:

When a report is created using a nonautomated system such as a spreadsheet, the process of creating the same report a month later requires the user to go through the same time-consuming, labor-intensive process of gathering the data, transferring it to the manual tool, putting the report into a user-friendly format and emailing the report to the desired recipients.

Efficient System:

Using MasterControl’s intuitive, easy-to-use Analytics software, the user tells the system once what s/he wants to see in the report. If desired, s/he may then schedule the report to execute on a regular basis (weekly, monthly, etc.) As each scheduled date arrives, the software automatically retrieves the appropriate data in real time, performs the specified operations, and emails the report to all designated recipients.

Requires Technical Expertise:

Companies that opt for specialized reporting tools (as an alternative to creating customized reports with a spreadsheet, for example) face another set of problems. Generally, specialized reporting tools are expensive and require users to have a high level of technical expertise. As a result, the person who needs the report must request it from the IT department, which can lead to significant delays, as well as divert technical resources needed for other tasks.

Can Be Used By All Users:

The MasterControl Analytics solution fills the gap for the customer who wants customized reports, but doesn’t want the cost of a stand-alone reporting tool or the burden of getting the IT department involved. The easy-to-learn, intuitive application makes it possible for non-technical users to create reports with ease, thereby drastically reducing the turnaround time and increasing a company’s overall efficiency and productivity.

Features and Benefits

The MasterControl Analytics module includes 45 standardized reports. These standard, preconfigured reports can be easily customized by non-technical users—or new reports can be created from scratch.

The powerful, yet easy to use, MasterControl Analytics application provides the following important functions:

  • Web-based reporting and graphing
  • Ability to aggregate data in terms of count/sum/average/minimum/maximum, etc.
  • Advanced, easy-to-use features such as filtering, multiple sort levels, and report scheduling
  • Drill down capabilities
  • Trending capability (which enables users to chart data by week, month, etc.)
  • Dashboard capability for consolidating multiple trend charts onto a single page (this facilitates viewing relationships)
  • Ability to join parent and child datasets together into a single report
Standard Reports

MasterControl Analytics provides over 150 real-time standardized reports across all modules, including training, document control, document management, project , portal, business process library, supplier management, and bill of materials (BOM). Listed below are a few examples of these standard reports:

  • Approved Vendor List: Lists all approved vendors
  • BOM Where Used: Lists all the BOMs where an item is used
  • Process Cycle Time: Provides the average time each process takes to complete
  • Open CAPAs: Lists open CAPAs and can be grouped by various attributes such as department, issue source, process step, etc.
  • Complaints Trend: Displays the trend of the number of complaints opened over time
  • Pending Training: Shows employees who have not completed assigned training by job code or course
  • Project Status: Provides percent complete information for all active projects
  • Document Master List: Lists all effective documents
  • Action Tracking: Displays the complete history of the actions taken on a document each time it was viewed, edited, revised, etc.
  • User Rights by Module: Lists the rights assigned to each user by module
Charting and Trending

A user can optionally create a chart based on a customized hierarchical report. The user may also display the chart as a trend. An example of a trend chart is the number of sales created each month over the entire year.

Drill-down Reports

When a chart is created for reports that have multiple levels of aggregation, the user has the ability to click on a data element in the chart to “drill-down.” This will display the previous level of aggregation, with the results filtered by the data element selected by the user. For example, a user can create a trended line chart displaying the number of nonconformances per month over the last year. If the user clicks a specific month, the system can be configured to display a pie chart of all the nonconformances that occurred in that month grouped by product.

Drill-down levels are not limited to specific number. A user can navigate back through the levels or jump to a specific level by clicking on the displayed “bread crumb.” (The “bread crumb” lists the various levels the user has clicked as hyperlinks, and enables the user to jump backward to any desired point.)

Real-time Dashboards

Dashboards help management view relationships between multiple trends by consolidating trend charts onto a single page. For example, a dashboard can be created to show the number of sales each month over the past five years, as well as the average amount of time it takes to process a purchase order, and the number of sales broken out by geographic region.

Another example is a quality trends dashboard that displays the number of nonconformances over the past year, the number of CAPAs grouped by department, the number of CAPAs grouped by root cause, and the number of customer complaints by product trended over the past year.


With MasterControl Analytics, there is no limit on the number of reports and report variations users can create. Users simply tell the analytics tool which data they want to report on (e.g., documents, CAPAs, completed training records, pending training records, etc.), what users want the report to show, and the format desired. Alternatively, users can copy and modify standard reports to create new reports. The application’s charting, filtering and drill-down capabilities, in addition to trending, dashboard, and scheduling features, provide non-technical users with the ability to generate the reports needed by management to make well-informed business decisions.

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