Accident Injury Reporting Software - MasterControl Accident/Injury™ Solution

A Software Solution for Efficiently Managing Workplace Accident Reporting and Injury Reporting. MasterControl Offers a Complete Software System Designed to Effectively Manage Accident and Injury Reporting

OSHA Regulation 29 CFR Part 1904 outlines stringent requirements that employers must meet in regards to the tracking and reporting of work-related injuries, illnesses, and fatalities. Severe fines can be imposed on companies that do not report or appropriately investigate work-related accidents and injuries. The MasterControl Accident/Injury™ solution has been specifically designed to help companies comply with OSHA Regulation 1904 and also effectively and efficiently manage accident reporting and injury reporting.

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Who Can Benefit from MasterControl Accident/Injury?

  • Employee Health and Safety Personnel: MasterControl Accident/Injury ensures that employees are submitting the correct forms and that the forms are complete. The solution eliminates the time spent manually tallying data and completing OSHA Forms 300 and 300a or preparing reports for risk management meetings. Reports in the MasterControl system are always up to date immediately after completion and they can't get lost or delayed as can often occur with paper processes. MasterControl effectively eliminates typical problems with injury report forms and accident report forms (i.e., employee couldn't find a form, the form sat on a supervisor's desk, the form was sent via snail mail, etc.). The solution's immediate electronic delivery of reports to Employee Health also ensures that treatment won't be delayed.
  • Risk Managers: Risk Managers with the "big picture" of all accidents, injuries, and near misses. With MasterControl, managers won't have to wait for reports to be gathered and data to be calculated, which ultimately can delay implementing changes that could prevent injuries in the future. By collecting data in a centralized electronic system, root causes can be readily determined and corrective and preventative action implemented quickly and efficiently. Automating accident reporting processes means quicker response to injuries and accidents.
  • SeniorManagement: Accident/Injury provides managers with a dashboard view of accidents and injuries and ensures that accident reporting is always up to date. The improved accident reporting and report tracking offered by MasterControl helps protect the organization from heavy potential fines from OSHA that may otherwise negatively affect the bottom line. With more efficient accident reporting and injury reporting processes, managers can also assure employees that the company is doing all it can to prevent and reduce injuries while keeping Workers Compensation premiums to a minimum.

MasterControl Accident/Injury can provide a comprehensive solution for any organization regardless of existing in-house capabilities. Whether the organization simply needs training on the system's functionality or requires assistance configuring the system to specific needs, the Accident/Injury solution can be packaged with any level of service and support the organization requires. An organization requiring expert knowledge can have MasterControl's skilled advisory team analyze the circumstances and develop and clearly map out those requirements.

Features and Benefits of MasterControl Accident/Injury

MasterControl Accident/Injury is easy to configure, easy to validate, and easy to use. It is a dream solution that enables companies to streamline accident and injury reporting while improving compliance at the same time. Benefits and features of the solution include:

Efficient Record Maintenance: MasterControl Accident/Injury eliminates the challenges of manual, paper-based record keeping by maintaining all records in a centralized, secure electronic repository. Managers can track exactly where an accident/injury form is throughout the entire process and have instant knowledge of who may be holding up the processing of the form.

Audit-Proof Record Keeping: MasterControl's analytics allows users to quickly determine the number and types of accidents and injuries that have occurred. The system also ensures that employees can only access the latest revision of an Accident/Illness form. Threshold alerts can be set for automatic notification as well. Changes to the Accident/Illness form are tracked via an audit trail and the ability to make changes is limited to those with the appropriate rights.

Faster Form Completion: With MasterControl, reporting of the OSHA 300 can be obtained through analytics - including log number - with the simple click of a mouse. Employees can easily initiate the process from any workstation without having to search for paper forms.

Outlook Integration: As soon as an Accident/Illness form is completed by a supervisor, the MasterControl system immediately routes it to Employee Health via e-mail, allowing for quicker notification than waiting for a paper record to be sent via the mail.

Dashboard Functionality: MasterControl dashboards provides instant updates on accident/illness processes and offer up-to-the-minute information about the number of accidents and injuries, the departments involved, the types of equipment causing problems, and so forth.

Greater Oversight: Once initiated in MasterControl, managers have increased visibility into the process and won't be taken by surprise when an Accident/Injury report shows up in the mail. Trends can be identified earlier, which allows for more rapid intervention.

Near Miss Capture Capability: MasterControl allows users to keep track of near misses and easily report data that can be used proactively to address safety concerns and prevent serious accidents from occurring.

Automatic Report Launch: MasterControl can be utilized to launch scheduled reports at pre-determined times without any intervention of a user.

Unparalleled Services: MasterControl's experts can get the Accidnet/Injury solution up and running quickly in order to maximize timeand resource savings. MasterControl services professionals provide much more than just installation support; MasterControl expertscan help build processes, structure file systems, design forms, configure reports, validate, or provide any other support servicesnecessary to reach customer objectives.

Additional Services Beyond the MasterControl Accident/Injury Solution

MasterControl experts can do anything a client needs to reach requiredobjectives. MasterControl can even serve as an organization's training department - whether it is individual training for new employeesor educating an entire department on new processes that have been implemented, MasterControl has a solution. Trainees can learn via recordings or in a classroom environment with a live instructor.

MasterControl is renowned for having industry experts readily available for clients. Preparing for an audit? Struggling with validation?Looking for better vendors? Whatever it is, MasterControl's experts have seen it before. Whether it is a long-term consulting relationshipor a short-term project that requires management, MasterControl can help.