2023 Medical Device Manufacturing Trends

How Digital Transformation in Manufacturing and Other Key Medical Device Manufacturing Trends Are Changing the Industry

Medical device and diagnostics manufacturers are realizing they must modernize their digital manufacturing solutions, data management, and workforce experience in today’s digital era. This trend brief on medical device manufacturing trends reveals why and how medtech organizations are:

  • Prioritizing modern, end-to-end digital alternatives to legacy MES solutions.
  • Applying digitization to offline data gaps to unlock new datasets for business intelligence.
  • Looking to advanced technologies to redesign job tasks and elevate employees’ work experience.

2023 Manufacturing Trends You Can’t Afford to Miss


What are the top medical device manufacturing challenges?

Three connected problem areas are having a major impact on medical device manufacturers: unprecedented digital transformation, fast-growing amounts of data, and ever-evolving workforce skills.


What does the future of medical device manufacturing look like?

Digital manufacturing solutions, data science, and tech-savvy talent will play critical roles in how medical device manufacturers reshape their operations for resilience and growth.


How is technology impacting the medical device manufacturing industry?

As digital transformation efforts get off the ground, leaders in medical device manufacturing are developing a new future for worker interaction with human-centric technology, with data at the center. 

Vital medtech manufacturing trends explained

Understand how digital manufacturing solutions, data optimization, and evolving workforce expectations are transforming the way medical device and diagnostics manufacturers will operate in 2023 and beyond.

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