CAPA Quality Software Systems

Implementation of corrective action (CAPA) quality software systems can help companies cut costs while also improving product quality and safety.

For companies doing business in regulatory environments, CAPA quality software systems can be useful tools for automating and effectively managing the CAPA process and integrating it with other essential quality processes such as change control, audit, training, nonconformance, and customer complaints to form a thoroughly connected approach to quality management.

MasterControl CAPA™

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MasterControl's CAPA Quality Software Solution

The MasterControl CAPA ™ quality software solution automates CAPA-centered activities such as routing, notification, approvals, and escalations. It provides a centralized repository for all quality documentation, making search and retrieval easier during inspections and audits. MasterControl's CAPA quality software system is Web-based, which allows staff, suppliers, contractors, and or any external authorized users to collaborate and easily submit forms that could generate a CAPA from any location. With MasterControl's CAPA quality software, CAPA forms can also be directly launched from other forms (such as audit forms or customer complaints).

By tightly integrating the CAPA process with the rest of the quality system, MasterControl's CAPA quality software solution creates a connected, "closed loop" approach to quality management. For instance, the resolution of a CAPA can automatically trigger a change in a standard operating procedure (SOP) within the system and automatically prompt subsequent retraining of employees on the new SOP. The MasterControl's CAPA quality software system's connectivity also allows for CAPA forms to be launched directly from another form (i.e., a customer complaint or a nonconformance) which streamlines the overall quality process.

Another previously noted premium value of the MasterControl CAPA quality software system is that also tracks and records all routing information and data entered into electronic forms. This allows circumstances such as nonconformances to be managed more effectively since bottlenecks can be easily identified and the sequence of events during processing is readily understood and traceable.

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