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MasterControl Internal Audit Management Software Systems Promise Compliant Internal Audits for Overall Quality Improvement

Overall improvement in a product's quality is a necessary requirement. Internal audit management software helps in planning and conducting internal audits that improve the product's quality in the long-run. MasterControl internal audit management software systems provide the mechanism for practicing compliant audits that adhere with FDA and ISO regulatory policies.

MasterControl Audit™

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Easy Audit Planning & Scheduling with MasterControl Internal Audit Management Software

The majority of companies doing business in regulatory environments are reluctant to try a new software application because of unfamiliarity and lack of expertise in using its features. This is why MasterControl has introduced an internal audit management software system that is built on the concept of simplicity and familiarity. MasterControl Audit™ is an integrated part of the MasterControl quality suite that is specifically designed to accommodate companies in managing their entire audit process. MasterControl internal audit management software is a web-based solution for planning, managing, and executing round-the-clock audit programs by integrating tools such as the Microsoft Word© and Outlook©. MasterControl's internal audit management systems can also be used in offline mode. Auditors can capture observations, rate their severity, and even develop checklists using the Word plug-in. At any time, an auditor can choose to go online at which point the audit tasks are uploaded and updated in the repository. The audit workspace helps in storing all types of audit documentation that can be accessed by authorized users.

MasterControl's calendar has a drag and drop feature that helps in scheduling tasks within an audit without any hassle. Because it is important to schedule an audit by considering the availability of the auditors and other resources, MasterControl internal audit management software detects schedule conflicts to allow auditors for scheduling audits without double booking auditors, scheduling audits on a holiday, etc. MasterControl's internal audit management software system also sends out notifications via email to the auditors to book their individual calendars.

MasterControl Offers an Integrated and Connected Internal Audit Management Software Solution

Many of the internal audit management software solutions on the market lack the capability of automatically transferring audit findings to other forms for resolution. Typically audit findings have to be manually entered in different forms, which can lead to erroneous data entry. Moreover, the purpose of internal audits is to not just to bring issues to the forefront but also to find means of resolving errors tracked during the audit.

Audits conducted through MasterControl Audit are divided into many stages that improve manageability and enhance the monitoring of results during each stage. Audit issues can be corrected by automating CAPA, Risk, and Supplier processes. Companies can effectively manage internal and supply chain risk to ensure optimum allocation of resources. The audit findings are automatically entered into the appropriate action form which eliminates repeated data entry. The entire workflow of the audit process is maintained through links that allow users to view all completed processes and trace back the actions through the chain of events within the process.

MasterControl internal audit management software can also be integrated with other MasterControl applications such as MasterControl CAPA, MasterControl Training, MasterControl Documents, etc., to provide users with a connected experience.

MasterControl Internal Audit Management Software Includes State-of-the-art Analytics and Training Tools

Disparate tools are insufficient in providing the management with the much needed insight about the company's business. The results deduced through audits also serve as the basis for developing training programs for employees. MasterControl internal audit management software provides companies with the facility of generating different types of reports in various formats. Auditors don't have to spend valuable time and effort in re-formatting their findings as the software facilitates in creating rich text format reports. The reporting tool provided by the MasterControl internal audit management system includes dashboard, drill-down, and scheduling features. These serve as the foundation of generating reports that reflect the true state of the company's business. The analytics tool helps auditors categorize their observations, develop checklist criteria and standards, as well as rate the checklist items. Auditors can also generate customizable reports that can be configured as per business criteria.

Fully compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements, the MasterControl internal audit management software system provides time-stamped audit trail, reporting, and electronic signature capabilities. For companies subject to regulatory standards such as FDA requirements, MasterControl also features a unique validation approach that cuts the time, pain, and cost required to validate software products.

MasterControl has developed an elaborate training program which helps in successful project implementation across the enterprise. Companies are able to achieve faster ROI and also save on valuable capital by developing cost effective training programs for its employees.

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