Configuration Management Plan

A configuration management plan should answer the "whats" of your product's configuration strategy

A company's configuration management plan, whether it's designed for manufacturing projects or software validation, must answer the "whats" of your configuration strategy. These might include "What design elements need to be verified?" "What parts need to be controlled?" "What type of support or customer service will be provided and how can it be designed to support configuration?" "What technology will support communication across departments and global locations?" and more.

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MasterControl Provides an Effective Configuration Management Plan Software System

An effective configuration management plan spells out the need for detailed engineering change control measures, personnel assignments, and available resources. Within the resources section the author(s) of a configuration management plan is also likely to describe the tools that a company has (or needs to have) at its disposal for effective configuration management. These tools may include BOM, supplier management, process controls (including change controls, etc.), and document management software solutions. MasterControl provides all of these solutions via one Web-based platform.

The modern trends in manufacturing processes emphasize the need for incorporating a configuration management plan that has design input from multiple sources. MasterControl provides users the opportunity to virtually collaborate and chalk out a complete configuration management plan. Engineering and manufacturing processes are intricate in nature, so it is important that all dimensions of proposed changes are properly documented and published on an enterprise level. The MasterControl Documents module facilitates an effective and streamlined documentation lifecycle by providing quick search, retrieval, and approval mechanisms. This ultimately helps build a healthy knowledge base for users to consult during manufacturing processes.

A Configuration Management Plan that Facilitates Compliance

Manufacturing companies understand the importance of compliance with ISO, FDA, and CGxP regulations. Because of this, MasterControl software is designed around the concept of building a comprehensive and compliant configuration management plan. The software facilitates adherence to regulations such as CFR Parts 21 and 11 to ensure that the company is incorporating best business practices in their processes. For example, MasterControl's customizable change control process forms make information entry efficient and flawless and also make the entered data accessible to other processes in the system. Because it is centralized and connected, MasterControl automates and systematizes the most basic to the most advanced manufacturing procedures so that they are able to pass internal and external audits without any hassle.

The advanced analytics and reporting tools built in to the MasterControl configuration management plan software system assures companies about the stability of changes incorporated into business processes. The reports, when generated by users on a timely basis, help enhance foresight so that managers and executives are able to make better business decisions based on the capabilities and state of the manufacturing processes. Ultimately, companies can use MasterControl to build a sound configuration management plan that serves as the basis for a successful and compliant business.

MasterControl Configuration Management Plan

MasterControl's configuration management plan provides solutions that streamline processes, provide the necessary document and data repositories and enable communication for product stakeholders from across departments or global venues. To learn more about MasterControl's robust solutions, please feel free to contact a MasterControl representative.

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