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Having a change management form that is automated not only ensures compliance, it expedites production

Given the number of ongoing processes for document change to product formulations, design specs, SOPs, specifications for raw materials, etc., change management software that offers a change management form for collecting information is an indispensable part of any strategy for change management. Moreover, it ensures regulatory and ISO compliance and increases a company's productivity.

Change Control - Continuous Quality Improvements in FDA and ISO Environments

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MasterControl's Change Management Form is Completely Automated

As a business matures, it is only a matter of time until changes to processes are introduced. Intended to improve processes, these changes are usually initiated by various users (internal or external), stakeholders, vendors and contractors with the help of change request forms. Legacy paper-based or hybrid change control systems lack the sufficient functionality to allow thorough management of changes to business processes. These antiquated systems present a risk of information loss as the data entered through change request forms must be manually transferred to the change control system for further processing. To ensure that all relevant information pertaining to change is stored and tracked without any data losses or gaps, MasterControl provides a completely automated change management form. MasterControl's best practice change management form is automated and highly customizable to accommodate varying business needs.

The MasterControl system divides change management processes to facilitate better manageability during each stage. The entire change MasterControl management process is divided into the following stages:

  1. Change request submission
  2. Evaluation of the change,
  3. Approval or rejection
  4. Implementation of the change
  5. Verification and possible validation

MasterControl's Change Management Form Offers a Comprehensive Approach

There are a number of features that enable the MasterControl change management form to stand apart from the competition. First and foremost, MasterControl provides a complete solution that unites change management with the entire quality system. A change is only complete if it is thoroughly integrated throughout the enterprise. It is vital for change management processes to have traceable associations with CAPAs, nonconformances, deviations, customer complaints, and audits. This association of processes helps ensure cost-effective and viable implementation of changes. For example, if a change management form is linked with CAPA, data can be automatically captured and users may review the completed process to see what instigated the change.

Along the same lines, MasterControl change management forms can also be integrated with training control. This enables management to develop a thorough, up-to-date training program. As soon as any change to a process or document occurs, the MasterControl system invokes training tasks by sending out automated emails to all affected employees. Training programs can be continually monitored and updated to ensure smooth implementation of necessary changes.

In a continuous effort to help customers stay compliant, MasterControl change management forms are designed to maintain a company's quality system in accordance with FDA and ISO regulations. The web-based MasterControl solution enables companies to attain and sustain compliance so that they are always ready for inspections or audits that test the entire infrastructure for issues. Eventually, companies are able to flourish and stay ahead of the competition by achieving a perpetual state of readiness.

For More Information on Change Management Forms

If you'd like more information about the change management form and strategy that MasterControl offers, please feel free to contact a MasterControl representative.

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