SharePoint Integration

Since Microsoft Office is used almost universally in many business environments, it isn't a surprise that many organizations encourage the use of Microsoft's SharePoint application for document management and collaboration. However, for highly regulated businesses (e.g., life science, ISO-regulated), SharePoint lacks business process automation, document control, and training features valuable to streamlining management in highly regulated organizations.

MasterControl's SharePoint Integration

MasterControl, a provider of process, document and audit management tools provides the complementary tools that integrate with SharePoint to provide high-level process and document management within highly regulated environments. To learn more about MasterControl's SharePoint Integration, please feel free to download the following content:
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Benefits of the MasterControl SharePoint Integration

For users that implement the MasterControl SharePoint Connector there are a variety of benefits:

  • Allows users to use one connected solution instead of various disparate solutions for document management and business process automation.
  • Ensures that all users will have access to the most recent versions of any type of document.
  • Allows users to continue to utilize the familiar SharePoint interface while accessing increased document control and business process capabilities with MasterControl.

For More Information

For more information in regard to MasterControl's integration with SharePoint, please feel free to contact a MasterControl representative.

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