MasterControl provides a seamless PDM interface

Word Integration
The PDM connectors from MasterControl provide users with an uncomplicated way of applying document control to computer-aided design (CAD) data, so that designers don’t have to use a non-native application for managing CAD files.

The MasterControl PDM connectors also enables all users—even those who lack intimate knowledge of the computer-aided design (CAD) package—to redline and collaborate on drawings using only Adobe Reader®. As changes are introduced during the collaboration process, collaboration leaders in engineering can make the required modifications using the native CAD application. Afterward, MasterControl automatically publishes a new PDF file reflecting the changes made to the computer-aided design (CAD) file. 

PDM Connectors from MasterControl interface with popular PDM solutions
The PDM connectors now available from MasterControl interface with the most popular PDM solutions in the industry, including PDMWorks® from SolidWorks, and PTC’s PDM solutions, Pro/IntraLink® and Windchill®

More about MasterControl
MasterControl Inc. is a well-established provider of software solutions for regulated companies. Our compliance solutions, and the dedicated support of our technical and customer services staff, have helped well over 400 companies around the globe to be successful.

For More Information
Feel free to contact a MasterControl representative to learn more about our PDM connectors for PDMWorks® from SolidWorks, and for PTC’s PDM solutions, Pro/IntraLink® and Windchill®.

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