PDM Software Systems

PDM Software Systems facilitates Collaboration on Engineering Drawings

MasterControl Inc. has developed a connector between MasterControl and some of the top PDM software solutions including the PDMWorks™ product data management solution from SolidWorks Corporation and PTC's Pro/Intralink.™

The PDM software systems from MasterControl allows collaboration and redlining on PDF drawings while ensuring that the PDF copies in the MasterControl document control management system stay in sync with the native files in the PDM solution.

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MasterControl PDM Software Systems Connector

The PDM systems from MasterControl facilitates the secure handling of complex CAD files and helps companies in regulated environments overcome common product data management challenges. The automated routing and approval made possible by MasterControl's PDM system interface improves workflow functionality and allows effective, seamless management of CAD files.

MasterControl's easy-to-use PDM software manages and tracks the creation, modification and archiving of all information relating to a product. The PDM system provides users with straightforward means of applying document control to CAD data without forcing designers to use a non-native application for managing CAD files. CAD files are maintained by the PDMWorks software system while MasterControl creates PDF copies for official document control purposes such as routing, approval and manufacturing.

MasterControl Pro/Intralink Connector for PDM Software Systems

The PDM Software from MasterControl for PTC's Pro/Intralink™ solutions is easy to use and allows collaboration and redlining on PDF drawings while guaranteeing that the PDF copy in the MasterControl system stays in sync with native files in the Pro/Intralink™ or Windchill™ PDM solution.

For More Information on PDM Software Systems

For more information about the PDM Software or PDM systems from MasterControl, please feel free to contact a MasterControl representative.